Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner Review

Cleaning and maintaining swimming pools are considered the hardest task when you lack the right strategy to handle it. It is quite challenging if you have to cater to your domestic affairs while spending hours cleaning your pool.

To avoid all the stress of cleaning your pool, adopt the right strategies and equipment to lessen the labor while leaving you sufficient time to handle other matters. Get yourself an advanced pool cleaner to handle your pool, leaving it in a good state.

Zodiac MX6, an automatic pressure pool cleaner, has all the qualities and features you will need to extract debris from your pool. It has a cyclonic pressure and low-flow design, making it an excellent vacuuming solution to keep contaminants out of your pool. Hence, an abundant option for pool owners who are on the verge of keeping their swimming pools.

Zodiac MX6 Key Features Reviews:

Zodiac MX6 Key Features Reviews
  • Innovative low-flow design makes it ideal for pools with 2-speed or variable speed pumps
  • Cyclonic suction for powerful vacuuming and articulating turbine blade for aggressive wall-climbing
  • Swiveling hoses are quick-connect style for easy assembly
  • Includes automatic Weir Valve, 90° Twist Lock Elbow, 7 x 1.2m Twist Lock Hose Lengths, Flow Regulator Valve, Hose Float, Hose Protector, Warranty Card.

With the advanced pool cleaners in the 21st century, Zodiac mx6 is exclusive with its exceptional features. This is one reason why many swimming pool owners prefer it. Let’s check out some of its amazing features before approving it as one of your investments.

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1. Proficient and Compact

Its 14.6×40.1×9-inches size dimension makes zodiac MX6 a low flow cleaner model to slither through the pool water without aggravation. For efficacy, Zodiac MX6, as a pressure side pool cleaner, is equipped with automatic navigation to clean the tranquil.

2. SmartDrive Technology

Zodiac MX6 has an X-Drive Technology feature that enables it to clean floors, waterlines, and walls thoroughly. With its bi-directional navigation, you should expect proper cleaning from the device.

3. Energy saver

The pool cleaner is technologically enriched as you won’t have to worry about rising utility bills. Zodiac MX6 is energy-effective and quite versatile with speed pumps of variable speeds, not only two-speed pumps.

4. Water Flow Regulator

the availability of the water flow regulator in the pool cleaner makes it possible to control water’s speed flow. It involves making adjustments in the skimmer, thus low chances of overflowing water.

5. Easy to Assemble

Zodiac MX6 is user-friendly-it comes with spinning hoses that can easily and effortlessly installed. This is one feature about zodiac mx6 praised by its users.

6. Immense Power

The cyclonic suction feature of Zodiac MX6 segregates it from other swimming pool cleaners. The feature helps the pool cleaner articulates the turbine blade, climbing walls to ensure a good cleaning process.

7. Easy to Handle

Zodiac MX6 has a unique designed handle for easy grip. You can walk around the pool with the device without any hassle.

Zodiac MX6 limitations

Despite being the best pool cleaner in the 21st century, Zodiac MX6 has several limitations. It’s circular spinning in the pool makes vacuuming ineffective.

Some pool owners say that the swimming pool cleaner gets bunged up in the process of gathering a large amount of debris from the pool.

This is not a good thing as you will need to keep the pool clean first before letting your Zodiac MX6 handle the rest of the cleaning procedure. The worst of all is the pool cleaner being stationary in one place instead of slithering through the pool.

Users Reviews About Zodiac MX6

if you choose Zodiac MX6 as your swimming pool cleaner is not a bad idea, especially for its positive features like; easy assembly, efficient cleaning power, cheap spare parts, and wall climbing ability.

The only worst Zodiac MX6 feature is its bottom wheel that gets clogged at the edges while wandering at the swimming pool’s shallow and deep ends. The cleaner can gather large debris at the bottom of your pool.

Zodiac, as an authorized service provider, authenticity, or reliability, should never be your issue. What sounds great than having your swimming pool clean in less than three hours?

Why Should You Buy Zodiac MX6?

Several reasons make it worth purchasing Zodiac MX6. First and foremost, is the little amount of energy it consumes while taking care of your swimming pool cleanliness.

Secondly is its compatibility; the pool cleaner can work with any available pump- this spares you the cash of buying a separate or additional pool pump.

Its wall-climbing feature makes it a worthwhile consideration. It has a uniquely designed handle for easy grip and use.

The swimming pool cleaner has a water flow regulator; thus, you do not have to worry about excessive water flow into the skimmer.

Lastly, Zodiac MX6 can take care of all types of debris and dirt from your pool ranging from fine sand to larger leaves.

Which one is the Best: Zodiac MX6 or Zodiac MX8?

Despite these two pool cleaners having the same functionality, looks, and technology, Zodiac MX6, and Zodiac MX8 have numerous modifications. Hence, before visiting pool cleaners’ shopping stores, be knowledgeable of the two. Their diverse differences will help you to know what specifications you need in a pool cleaner.

Zodiac MX8 is extra potent as it is designed to clean larger dirt and also larger swimming pools. Its extraordinary abilities make it a durable and worth device to handle your swimming pool at minimal time.

Zodiac MX6, on the other hand, has a stable flow consumption- it is lightweight compared to Zodiac MX8, which is much heavier with a compact size.

The other consideration is their suction ability; MX6 is cyclonic, while for MX8, it is dual cyclonic, making it pricier and greater.

 In Conclusion

Even though Zodiac MX6 has many buts and ifs, it still comes as the best choice in the category of automatic suction side swimming pool cleaners. It starts with its cyclonic suction, climbing wall ability, and elite navigation technology to its quick cleaning and energy-saving capacity. It still leads in the competition even when compared with Zodiac MX8.

When it comes to its design, looks, and pumping speed, surprisingly, it scores high than the other pool cleaner competitors; though it pumps at a low rate, it is the best choice you will have for medium size swimming pools. Without further doubt, Zodiac MX6 is a worthwhile investment!


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