Sugru Moldable Glue Review

Things breaking or snapping on us is nothing new. It is something we face every day. And it can be anything from loose leaky plumbing fixtures to exposed charging cables.

Now things break around the house all the time- and moldable glues that dry as rubber are a great all-around handy item that can fix these issues in a jiffy. Sugru is a company that is famous for making such glues. If you are looking for moldable glue by Sugru reviews, you have come to the right place.

We have put the famous product through an extensive test, and today, we are here to give a thorough, in-depth review of the product.
Without further ado, let’s start!

Sugru Moldable Glue Review:

Sugru Moldable Glue – Original Formula – All-Purpose Adhesive

Sugru Moldable Glue - Original Formula

Sugru moldable glue is a multipurpose silicon adhesive meant for use in home improvement, reinforcing, fixing, mounting, repairing electrical, DIY projects, handicrafts, and any other area where you can find a use for it.

The glue was made using Sugru’s patented silicone technology. Its name is For merlot, and the company spent years in its making. The name ‘Sugru’ came from the Irish word ‘surged,’ which translates to ‘play.’ So, you can play with it while fixing things.

Using this glue is super easy. It comes in a play dough-like texture. Once you open the packet, you get about 30 minutes to squish & shape the glue into your needed form. Then, let it fully cure for 24 hours.

Once the glue is totally dry, it takes a rubber-like form. It holds the shape it has been molded into but also remains flexible, just like rubber.
A big charm about Sugru is that this product does not require any prior expertise.

This makes it useable by anyone, for anything. It is as handy to have as duct tape. Once you start using this product, there is no going back!

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Key Features

To decide about a product, you need to know about its key features first. Let’s get to know them here.

Versatile Repairing

The main selling point of Sugru is that it can be used for virtually anything you can think of. And the possibilities you have are endless here. We are providing a few examples just to give you an idea.

Firstly, you can use this to replace the rubber feet on items that either lost their feet or items that slip too much. You can also use this moldable glue to protect any charging wire that’s fraying and preventing it from getting worse.

Items that need a little extra reinforcement can get that from the Sugru moldable glue. For example, you can use this on snapped mic boom or headsets.

You can also fill in the gaps of missing or defective pieces, such as chipped ceramic.

As this product works on many different types of surfaces, including metal, wood, plastic, fabric, plaster, glass, and more, you can use this glue when other fixing products refuse to stick to a certain surface.

You may also use this to fix any zippers or shoe soles, broken mugs & other cookware, etc.

DIY Creative Projects

Apart from fixing items, Sugru moldable glue can also be used to add a creative flair to your DIY projects. One user once used this glue to make earphone pods for herself, which I found very creative.

You can also use these colorful glues to identify your various keys or add a new handle to your kitchenware. Another very creative idea is creating hooks to hang small items on. Making things like teabag holder and bookmarks are also doable with this item.

Basically, it can replace modeling clay in your projects. The product dries down firm but still a little flexible, like rubber. Your imagination is the limit! One user even used these to make prosthetic legs for chicken, and it worked! So, when I say you can make almost anything, I mean it!

Waterproof and Weatherproof

This product resists water very well, which only widens its range of applications. Is your tap giving you trouble by being leaky? Or is there a leak in a flower pot that you would like to mend? The moldable glue is applicable in both of these uses.

Sugru Moldable Glue Review

You can use Sugru moldable glue to fix any common leakage problems people face around the house. Split garden hoses, cracked pipes, leaky watering cans – everything can be fixed by a little moldable glue.

And if the item you used it on belongs outside, then you would be delighted to know that the glue is also weatherproof. So, be it rain or snow, nothing can break this item down!


This is another attractive feature of these Sugru moldable glues. They usually come in a pack of classic colors: black, white, yellow, blue, and red. You can mix these colors to make any other shade you need. But, do remember that the mixing and shaping all has to be done within 40 minutes.

If you do not want the classic hues, another pack contains colors such as green, grey, pink, orange, brown, etc., along with the classic shades.

You can use these colors to either match the item you are using the glue on or create a nice contrast. For a sample, you can do a project where you add a nice pop of color to the handles of all the kitchen utensils you own. Wouldn’t that look amazing?


There is nothing worse than reading rave reviews about a product online, ordering it excitedly, waiting for it to arrive, then using it, only to realize that it does not work for the particular use you had in mind. The time and money will be wasted in this case.

You do not have to face anything like this with the Sugru moldable glue, as the manufacturer claims that it can work on many different types of surfaces. As we have already stated above, you can use Sugru moldable glue with metal, wood, plastic, fabric, plaster, glass, and other surfaces.

So, there are not many surfaces this wonderful item will not work with. You can get it with your eyes closed!

Mess-Free Application

A common issue we all face with glues and adhesives is that they get messy really fast. Ever had superglue run everywhere and stick o everything? You are not the only one!

This is why I really enjoyed how mess-free the application of Sugru moldable glue is. The formula is soft and malleable, like a mixture of clay and play dough. It is neither runny nor very sticky. And most importantly, it will not stick to your skin or run everywhere when using.
So, you can enjoy a mess-free application every time!

Moderately Strong Hold

Because this item is made of silicone and dries down rubbery and a little flexible, you would not be the first one to assume that it does not have much-holding power. But you would be wrong!

The holding power of this product is quite strong, more than I thought it’d be. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the moldable glue by Sugru, once dry, can hold up to 2 kilograms or 4.4 pounds of weight.

So, if you wanted to make hooks with these but were anxious about its holding power, go ahead! You have nothing to worry about.

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Good Value

This product is a really special item that comes with a lot of pros. And good things do not come cheap. This one is not the most affordable item, especially when compared to other glues.

That being said, the price on these is not ridiculously high either. You can get a pack of 8 for under 20 dollars, which means each individual piece costs less than 2.5 dollars. Considering the plethora of applications, I would say that this is a good value.

However, do take into consideration that you do not get as much product as you might have hoped. This can be either a pro or a con depending on the user. Since all of the product requires to be used up once open, it could be a pro to people who do not like to waste anything.

Easy and Fun to Use

Oftentimes, products that are meant to repair items require a certain set of expertise. It can be something advanced such as knowing how to sand a surface smoothly, or it could be something as simple as keeping your hands very steady when applying.

This product does not require any such expertise. You can simply tear open a pack and get to use it without any prior experience. How cool is that? So, you need not learn anything to get accustomed to anything before you can use this item.

The ease of use also makes it a great item to use with children. You can employ your kids as your little assistants when using this product to make anything. This will be a fun bonding activity between you and your child.

Dishwasher & Saltwater Proof

Earlier, we have mentioned that this moldable glue by Sugru is water and weatherproof. But that is not the only thing it is resistant to. This item, once cured, can be used in a dishwasher.

So, you can use it to fix any kitchenware you want. It will not require any gentle handwashing; throwing the item in the dishwasher is fine! Since it is heat resistant, the dishwasher will not destroy the item.

It takes a very high amount of heat or cold to break this item; the limits are 180 degrees Celsius heat and -50 degrees Celsius cold.
Also, salt water will not harm this item either. So, you can use it to fix any diving or swimming gear.


  • Extremely versatile; can be used for repairing virtually anything
  • Mess-free application
  • Made with advanced silicone tech that is patented by Sugru
  • Moldable & malleable; can be molded into any desired shape
  • Leak-proof, heat-proof, dishwasher-proof, and saltwater-proof
  • Is also customizable for DIY projects
  • Comes in a good variety of primary and secondary colors


  • Only works when it is fresh out of the packet; you get a 30-minute time frame
  • All of the product needs to be used up once the packet is open; you cannot reuse it
  • The shelf life is low

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Is there anything that Sugru does not stick well to?

Yes. Like most glues, Sugru moldable glue struggles when applied on plastics containing oily finishes, such as Teflon, polyethylene,

polypropylene. Powder-coated, dusty, or chalky surfaces are also hard for this glue to cling to. For best results, make sure the surface you are using it on is dry and clean.

#2. Can I remove Sugru moldable glue once it is cured?

Yes, even though this item is long-lasting, you can easily remove Sugru if you wish. You have to simply cut it off with a scalpel, knife, or the Sugru remover. There might be some residue left, which you can scrape off with your fingernails or small tools.

#3. Will cured Sugru moldable glue leave a mark on the surfaces it is used?

On non-porous surfaces, there will be no mark left behind. If the surface is porous, such as walls, unvarnished wood, or unglazed ceramics, there might be a little stain left once you remove the item.

But on fabric and leather, if you work the moldable glue into them, removing it completely will be difficult, and there are more chances of having stains.

#4. Can people with latex allergy handle Sugru?

For most parts, yes. The product itself does not have any latex in it. However, the manufacturer stated that they could not guarantee that any operator during the manufacturing process did not use latex gloves to handle the product. So, use the item at your own discretion.

Final Verdict

From our extensive Sugru review, you should be aware of all the positive and negative sides of this item by now. All in all, I would say this is certainly a great product to have around. It comes in handy in many applications. So, I would recommend that you give this one a try.

That’s all for today. Cheers!



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