Step By Step Guide to Clean a Solar Pool Cover

Most swimming pool owners overlook the idea of cleaning and maintaining their pools at large. They tend to take care of the water alone and forget other pool maintenance aspects at large. Maintaining swimming pools goes beyond cleaning.

Pool covers maintain pools clear and clean from debris. They are also essential components to keep your pool water warm.

Pool covers are quite expensive; therefore, you need to maintain them to serve you for an extended period. Among the best ways of ensuring proper maintenance of pool covers is cleaning them regularly.

You need to inspect your pool covers regularly to ensure they are in their right states. In this article, you’ll learn how to clean solar pool covers and a few tips about how to take care of them.

Tips to Take Care of Your Solar Cover

Solar covers are made of a particular plastic that is usually affected by environmental agents like chemicals and UV rays. However, this should not let us leave them to die at a premature age; we need to maintain them to serve us longer. Below are tips to prolong their lives.

Always ensure you keep the chemicals balanced. Plastic erodes after getting into contact with anything above 2 ppm. Besides, the strength of the cover will be affected by Low pH levels; they need to be kept around 7.4. So, there is a need to keep a balance in the chemicals you use in your pool water.

When you need to store your cover, ensure you use a solar cover reel. Solar cover reels keep covers from being drug and poorly folded.

When buying your solar cover, ensure you choose the thickest market option at large. Thicker materials will last longer compared to thinner covers.

If you need to shock the pool, ensure the cover is not left on. Excessive chlorine in the water will erode the plastic and eventually leads it to deteriorate.

Lastly, ensure you pull the cover over before you start swimming. Never swim while the cover is folded, the wind might blow over and trap you beneath the water.

Now, after getting an idea on the tips on how to care for your pool cover, it’s good to learn how you should clean it. The cleaning process begins right from removing it from the pool to an open place where it will be washed. Let’s read on to learn more about it.

How to Remove a Solar Cover:

For regular swimmers, removing the cover will be like a daily chore. Removing the cover can be tricky, especially if you’re alone. So, in case this is the situation, you’ll take a shortcut, cut the cover into two so that you’ll easily manage getting it out slowly one at a time.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to cut it, you can use a solar cover reel to fold it. This is an ideal way to remove pool covers in any pool be either the above ground pools, inground or Intex pools.

You need to place the reel at one end and attach one end of the cover to it. The cover will smoothly spool into the reel by turning the handle until it’s fully rolled into the reel.

There are other reels designed with wheels; for these, you’ll roll the solar cover and drive the reel aside. There are others though others that are permanently installed in a specific location. Your choice will be determined with the amount of space you will need to be free around the pool.

In case you lack a solar reel, then you’ll do it manually. However, it can be quite tricky doing it alone. You’ll find a helper who will hold it the other side and fold it together. Fold the cover in sections as you get from one to the other. This is referred to as accordion fold; the method provides an opportunity to rinse through the seams before you fold it.

Step By Step How to Clean a Solar Cover:

Cleaning a solar pool cover is easy and straightforward. You need the necessary cleaning equipment and follow an expert guide to get it accomplished. Follow the steps below to have your solar pool cover cleaned easily and quickly.

Step 1

First, you need to make prior preparations for the exercise. Gather all the requirements, solar pool cleaning brush, soap and everything that is basic for the project. You also need some rubber gloves to protect you from the washing detergents you will use. Get the knee pad to protect your knees since you’ll need to kneel to wash it.

Step 2

Preparing the materials and the area comes in the next step. Mix some soap with water and also dilute any water spray you plan to use. Follow by opening the pool pump to allow the water to run through the surface of the cover.

Step 3

It’s time to sweep of any debris on the pool cover. Use a high-pressure water spray to get all debris, pollen, leaves, and any other on the cover and sweep them into a side drain.

Step 4

Scoop some soap solution and pour it thoroughly on the solar pool cover. With the high-pressure spray, push off the soap solution from the cover. This way, you would have loosened dirt, and it will be flushed with ease into a pool filter.

Step 5

Now, you’ll apply this across the seams. Dip a clean rug into your soap solution and use it through the seams. All stagnant dirt and debris that were not flushed off the spray will be cleaned this way.

You’ll be kneeling while doing this, so, you’ll need to wear your rubber knee pad before you start. Once more, use your high-pressure spray to flush all dirt in the seams.

Step 6

Now you’ll work on the upper pool areas. You’ll need to roll the cover to check on the exposed portions occupied by the pool cover. Mostly, the tiles are prone to dirt of any kind. You can pour a little of your soap solution on the tiles and brush off the tiles using a pool brush.

After completing, use your high-pressure spray again to remove loose dirt on the tiles. Be careful when cleaning at the crevices and corners; there is a lot of dirt that hides in these places.

Step 7

You have completed the task. It is now time to treat the pool and make it ready for use. Mostly, it’s advisable to use chlorine shock and clarifiers to treat the pool. You will also need to run the pump overnight to allow in clean water in.

At this time, the solar pool cover should be rolled and stored in a safe place far from the treated water. In the morning, you’ll rinse the pool filter well after you’re done with the treatment.


The solar pool covers are great investments we have around. They protect our pools from leaves and other debris from entering into the water. They also help reduce evaporation and retain heat in the pool.

They need to be maintained well to stay in the right condition to serve us for an extended period. Always clean your solar pool cover at least quarterly.



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