Shoe Goo Review

Do you love your old strong boots that have been your travel partners to remote and tough adventures of your life? Have you noticed them coming apart and want to save them? Drop your worries down because Shoo Goo is here.

Shoo Goo is a work boot adhesive designed especially for repairing the holes and abrasions in your old shoes. No matter what your favorite boots have gone through, Shoe Goo will repair them all.

So, if you’re looking for a good shoe goo review before deciding to buy it, we’re here for you! Our analysis of all the necessary details regarding Shoe Goo will help you to decide if you purchase one.

Shoe Goo Review:

Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive for Fixing Worn Shoes or Boots, Clear, 3.7 Oz

If you’ve tried out every possible adhesive and they have failed to work properly for your work boots, Shoe Goo can actually be a pretty good option. It comes with a solid base that works effectively in repairing holes, abrasions, and any kind of damage.

The material of the shoe goo is built to last long, and it does a great job at taking care of your worn-out boots.

This is a solid and tough kind of adhesive that will sit well on your ragged shoes, boots, skaters and heal the torn portions in a quick time. It also dries down clear, so you won’t have to worry about any texture or color dissimilarity.

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Key Features

Let’s see what this product specifically does so that you can have a clear idea of whether it will be suitable for you;

Resilient Material

The adhesive property of Shoe Goo is very unique and exceptional. It is incorporated with silicone which not only works for adhering but also helps to seal everything in.

The Shoe Goo is a brilliant sealant that will work for any damaged shoe or any kind of worn-out boots and help in locking everything properly.

After application, this adhesive and sealant will dry down to a superior quality rubber that works without any cracks. This is all because of its high and impressive resilient property.

Moreover, the quality of the sealant is quite amazing as it works wonders in improving the longevity and durability of the mended product. It itself is a long-lasting item that will ensure you the highest possible quality.

Compared to the regular glues that are available out there, the resilience and strength of this product are beyond words.

The strong and resilient material of the Shoe Goo helps it to resist any kind of damage from external impact. Resilience also contributes to the durability of a material, so you can get this added benefit of longevity through this adhesive.

So, even if your shoes are abrades a lot, you will still be happy with the top-notch quality that this adhesive will provide in the long run. You will keep coming back to it because of its high standard finish and effective sealing property.

Strong Repair Quality

Owing to the solid construction and tough properties, this product actually provides easy and quick delivery of repaired footwear in no time.

In terms of adhesion and cohesion, it bears well-defined bonds that help it stay strong during an action. These bonds allow easy and effortless repair of anything that is keeping your desired footwear down from its actual use.

It possesses an excellent repair quality that will fix anything-starting from ragged and worn-out soles to even holes in your footwear. With such impeccable quality, you can even achieve a fine coat over the ends of shoelaces. It will also repair damaged heels of the footwear in no time.

Besides, this adhesive does a great job at managing sloppy and lax insoles. You can also use this on different household surfaces to repair or fix anything. As it can stick to many kinds of household surfaces, this adhesive can be tried out in any unique way related to shoe fixing.

So, whether your concern is frequent wear and tear, shapeless and bagging insoles, or damaged parts in your footwear, Shoe Goo will take care of anything in the blink of an eye.


Another amazing quality of this product is its solid flexibility. With this particular feature of this product comes unique consistency.

When we’re talking about adhesives, the most important quality is consistency. This will determine how it will behave once its cured.

Curing refers to the complete crystallization of an adhesive which allows the product to attain its core strength. With the formation of strong bonds, this process increases the efficacy of the adhesive.

Because of its unique consistency, the Shoe Goo adhesive remains flexible during an action.

It feels soft, gel-like, and somewhat slimy unlike other kinds of glues and this consistency helps it to flex and incorporate inside shoe parts without coming off. So, it can deeply penetrate inside the holes, tears, and abrasions and does not fall apart so easily.

A product like this with such remarkable flexibility is definitely worth purchasing!

High Adherence Property

Coming to the next unique feature, we have the cool adherence property of this product. Such a feature makes Shoe Goo stand out among competitors. The Shoe Goo is formed with such a well-balanced formula that allows it to attach to surfaces easily without feeling too brittle and rigid.

It is like a hybrid between silicone and rubber which gives it a very strong and tough formula. This kind of formula makes it possible to stick on anything imaginable! Whether it’s any kind of plastic-like PVC, PP, or even wooden surfaces.

The high adherence property of this sealant also allows it to stick to even leather and rubber. So, whatever household surface you have, this product will stick to almost everything and you can use it in different ways.

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What is something that you want in your adhesive, especially when it’s going to deal with your favorite pair of travel boots? Of course, you’d want it to be weather-proof so that you can utilize it in every season possible. Shoe Goo is there for you in this department as well!

This product is completely waterproof, making it easier to bring out your repaired footwear in the open.

Even when you’re wearing your newly healed pair for the first time out and somehow there’s rain or any source of contact of water, you don’t need to panic. Because unlike traditional adhesives, this one will remain undamaged for its water-proof nature.

When we talk about weather resistance, we’re not only talking about rain and humidity but we’re also dealing with ultra-violet rays.

Shoe Goo Review

This product will also fight against harmful UV rays and help your stuff last a long time without any potential damage. In this way, it maintains the integrity of your boots, skate shoes, and any kind of footwear.

Another great quality is that it is capable of resisting temperatures from -40°C to +66°C, so it will take care of anything you want it to without affecting the texture and quality of the shoes.

Overall, these features actually deliver an excellent performance whether it’s about footwear repair or any kind of damaged household material repairing. Shoe Goo is actually an amazing product to work with if you’re acquainted with all its different properties and functions.


  • Versatile and flexible adhesive and sealant
  • Resistance to harmful UV rays
  • Water-proof and resists both low and high temperatures
  • Useful for footwear and some household repair work
  • Lightweight consistency
  • Adheres without any difficulty
  • Tough and solid material


  • Can be muddled and chaotic to work with
    Takes 18-24 hours to crystallize completely
  • Does not work on Styrofoam and polypropylene plastic surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can Shoe Goo be used on wood?

Although it will require some amount of pressure, Shoe Goo can actually be used on wood! The thin and lightweight consistency of the adhesive allows it to spread uniformly on wooden surfaces.

Upon some amount of pressure to hold the wooden surfaces in place, when kept for drying for a considerable amount of time, you can see the result yourself.

#2. Can you use Shoe Goo on shoelaces?

Of course, you can. Usually, shoelaces are often prone to fraying which can be very difficult to deal with. You can solve this problem in no time by coating some Shoe Goo on the shoelaces which will do a great job at fixing the ragged surface. In the end, your laces will look good as new.

#3. Is Shoe Goo safe on paint?

Yes, to some extent depending on the type of paint you’re intending to use. Try using lightweight paints instead of heavy and thick ones. Avoid moving the paint over the adhesive too much or it will come off. Also, stay away from occasional peeling off as this will cause the adhesive to come apart too.

#4. How can Shoe Goo be removed?

The best way to remove Shoe Goo is to use acetone on a cotton piece and rub as much as possible. Another great hack is to use a citrus cleaner and rub it with a piece of soft cloth. Both these methods will help in effectively removing the adhesive in a short time.

#5. Can you repair insoles with Shoe Goo?

Yes, Shoe Goo will repair any kind of footwear insoles whether they are filled with holes, abrasions, coming off from the main shoe body or if they have worn out to an extreme level. Shoe Goo will deliver healed and repaired insoles no matter how ragged they are in condition.


Summing up, it can be said that Shoe Goo is an amazing find in the world of glues, superglues, and various adhesives. Whether it’s about fixing your minor tears in your footwear or healing its damaged parts, Shoe Goo will fix anything.

So, if you’re someone who’s highly interested in getting this solid product for regular use, our Shoe Goo review will be highly beneficial for you. We’ve covered all the basic information regarding this unique product so it will aid you properly in making a wise decision.



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