Q Bond Adhesive Review

We have all accidentally broken precious things or had them broken. And, most of those times, we couldn’t salvage those things.
Here, we are presenting you with an advanced approach for these cases.

With adhesives on deck, complicated repair procedures become easy fixes. You can repair broken vases, seal damaged sinks, fix broken car parts, and do a lot more if you have the right adhesive.

The K Tool International Q Bond adhesive kit KTI90002 is one of those sets that include sensational ultra-strong adhesives.
By reading Q Bond adhesive reviews, you will get a better understanding of these superglues.

And, by reading our review, you will learn how to use them to repair all kinds of broken plastic and metal objects, along with the features of the product.

Q Bond Adhesive Review:

K Tool International Q Bond Adhesive Kit, Repairs And Reinforces, Plastics, Metals KTI90002

We have all been in situations where we accidentally broke important things and felt terrible afterward. And, this is a very common occurrence if you work in the maintenance and repair business.

Whether it is a precious gift from a loved one or a side mirror of your old car, this adhesive kit will help you get it fixed in a matter of seconds!

Coming in a pack of 4, this set from K Tool International includes both liquid and reinforcing powder adhesives for repairing different kinds of metal and plastic objects.

The adhesive included in this set has just the right amount of thickness to fill any kind of void in a jiffy.

You will get strong and sturdy finishes. Also, you can easily grind, file, and sand the bond, and it will stay intact for a very long time.
Be it for home use, or for fixing random things in your workshop, this Q Bond adhesive set is a blessing in disguise.

If you weren’t sure if it is worth buying, you will be glad to know that it is a very affordable product. You can easily get a different option if you don’t like this K Tool International Q Bond adhesive set.

But you can rest assured that you will never be disappointed with this adhesive solution.

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Key Features

If you’re still unsure, let’s take a look at a more detailed description of the adhesive set to see if we can change your mind.

Brand Information

K Tool International is a manufacturer that embraces a corporate model that blends promotion and delivery of creative, value-added, top-quality products with premier customer care and assistance.

Since 1984, the company has been leading the industry by maintaining a production of durable, consistent, and fairly priced products. And, this set of adhesives is one of the most popular tools from the company.

Included Parts

Inside the package, you will find four small plastic bottles. Among them, the two white bottles contain liquid superglue; the grey bottle with grey lid contains reinforcing powder for metals; the grey bottle with black lid contains reinforcing powder for plastics.

You can either use them simply as adhesives or by adding the reinforcing powders. It works great either way.

Quality and Construction

Both liquid and powder glues are packed in small but sturdy plastic bottles. And, the concentration of the products inside is specially manufactured to ensure quick and effective repair works.

Most significantly, there are no adverse consequences specified for any of the ingredients used to make the glue. Basically, they are completely free of toxins and perfectly safe to use.

Fast and Efficient

The best aspect of this adhesive, which makes it everyone’s favorite, is that it takes very little time to build a strong bond. After the application of the powder and the liquid glues, it only takes about 10 seconds to establish a powerful bond.

Easy to Use

Q Bond is a two-way technology that uses liquid adhesive, especially when integrated with reinforcing powders, to produce strengthening and sealing capabilities that enable the restoration of fractures, cracks, gaps, and openings in plastics and metals.

This preserves the original form of a large variety of products. With Q Bond, you can take your time fixing a broken item. First, you have to apply the powder, then the liquid, and wait for a few seconds for it to set.

Strength and Performance

From the reliable manufacturer of advanced & innovative tools and accessories, you get ultra-strong adhesive glues to solve all of your problems regarding broken plastic sand metals.

With a compressive strength of 1300 psi (pound-force per square inch), the Q Bond adhesive produces a hard, solid bond. Upon application of the liquid and powder adhesives, you will get a super-strong bond that cannot be broken. And your object of choice will be as good as new.

In fact, your Q Bond repairs can be ground down, processed, varnished, tapped, as well as painted, and they’re not going to crack in the process.

High Tolerance against Extreme Conditions

Be it water resistance, heat resistance, or oil resistance, you get it all in this amazing product from K Tool International. These adhesives were designed to work under extreme conditions.

It can tolerate temperatures as high as 356 degrees Fahrenheit, which means your repaired product can tolerate adverse heat conditions if needed. Besides, it is water-resistant.

Q Bond creates a water-resistant bond as soon as it is properly reinforced, rendering it completely waterproof.
Moreover, it is also oil and chemical resistant, and completely free of toxins.

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Uses of Plastic Powder

As stated earlier, you will get an additional plastic bottle containing reinforcing powder for plastic products. This is the one that comes in a bottle with a black lid. It is intended to fix all kinds of plastic objects, including but not limited to fenders, kitchen equipment, and radiators.

Uses of Metal Powder

Just like the plastic powder mentioned above, this reinforcement powder for metal objects comes in a grey plastic container. But unlike the former, this one has a grey lid. This is how you can distinguish the two powder adhesives. And, this powder is most widely used for aluminum and metal parts, as well as grey plastics.

Perfect for Home and Professional Use

As mentioned earlier, these adhesives can be used for mending and fixing many broken objects.
With this package, you can repair strong plastics, automotive parts, equipment, leakages, porcelains, and a lot more.

Whether it is your kid’s favorite toy or your door handle, you can fix the broken things within seconds if you have this set of premier adhesives. It doesn’t stop at that. These adhesives are used by professional mechanics for everyday work.

But there are a few exceptions to these remarkable glues. As long as you don’t intend to use these superglues with oily or waxy plastics like polyethylene and polypropylene, or stainless steel and silicone rubbers, you will get super-strong finishes.

Easily Accessible

Not only are Q Bond adhesives perfect in every way but also they are easily accessible. You can just order them from Amazon from the convenience of your home. If you choose to order from here, you can easily get them delivered within a week.

Great Value for Money

In this set of adhesives, you will get four different bottles including both liquid and reinforcing powder to fix any kind of damaged plastics and metals, except for polyethylene’s, polypropylenes, and stainless steel.

And you can get this for less than twenty dollars, which makes it extremely cheap, especially considering the ultra-strength finish and super-fast bonding technology.

If you are on a budget, this is the best adhesive set you can find for the price. And, even if you’re not, you will not regret getting this.
So, you should go ahead and grab two for your home. You can never have too much adhesive glue!


  • Comes at quite an affordable price
  • Includes two powder formulas for metal and plastic objects
  • A perfect concentration of both powder and liquid adhesives
  • Ensures extremely strong coverage
  • Takes only about 10 seconds to form a rock-solid bond
  • Can be applied very easily
  • Can also be removed easily using acetone
  • Compatible with several materials but works best with plastics and metals


  • Cannot be used with plastics having an oily or waxy texture

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How long does the Q Bond take to dry?

Q Bond is an extremely strong and effective adhesive. It takes only about 10 seconds to dry. The adhesives achieve their complete intensity within seconds of application.

#2. Is Q Bond toxic?

Considering that there are no harmful effects specified for any of the materials used to make this glue, they are absolutely free of toxicity.

#3. Does Q Bond work on plastic?

It depends on the type of plastic you intend to use. Q Bond is consistent with almost all plastics, except for polyethylene and polypropylene.
Basically, it doesn’t work on plastics that have a greasy or waxy composition.

#4. What materials are compatible with Q Bond?

Q Bond can be used with a variety of materials. Apart from plastics, it is suitable for rubbers (natural and artificial), leathers, woods, porcelains, and, most importantly, metals.

#5. Is Q Bond waterproof?

Q Bond develops a waterproof seal as soon as it is completely patched.

#6. Is Q Bond oil resistant?

Yes, it is oil-resistant, too.

#7. Where can I buy the Q Bond adhesive?

Q Bond adhesives are easily accessible. You can simply order K Tool International Q Bond adhesive kit from Amazon from the comfort of your home.

Final Verdict

Starting from restoring broken fixtures at home to repairing the car’s side mirrors in your garage, the K Tool International Q Bond adhesive kit will help with it all. From our Q Bond adhesive review, we hope you got a clearer picture of this industry-leading adhesive set.


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