Polaris F9550 Review

Polaris F9550 is a top-notch four-wheel-drive robotic pool cleaner. Its 4WD is efficient to help the unit climb walls and steps. It has a sturdy soft brush at the bottom to scrub your swimming pool tile floor. It has a seven-day programmable timer; this is a great advantage. You will not have to keep on resetting your unit any other time you need to do the cleaning.

The unit comes with a handheld motion-sensing remote. You control the cleaning process in the comfort of your palm. It is a matter of pointing it to the direction you want cleaning done, and your robotic cleanser works as instructed.

You will never miss your spot. In the Polaris family, it is the only model with a dirt cylinder gauge. Comes with a handy caddy for easy transportation of your bot to a designated position.

Polaris F9550 robotic cleaner cleans pools of up to sixty feet. Its Vortex Vacuum Technology makes the cleaning performance incredible. It also has a lift system, a great feature for easy lifting of your bot into the swimming pool.

What is likable about Polaris F9550

Polaris F9550 Review
  • AUTO POOL CLEANER: The 9550 Sport 4WD provides best-in-class performance and 5 cleaning modes.
  • IN GROUND: Compatible with in ground swimming pools up to 60 ft.
  • POLARIS: For more than 40 years, Polaris has been known worldwide for its quality and best-in-class automatic pool cleaners.
  • PREMIUM CLEANING PERFORMANCE: The 4WD robotic pool cleaner featuring motion-sensing handheld remote, Easy Lift System, dirty canister indicator, and Vortex Vacuum technology for best-in-class cleaning performance.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Comes equipped with a 70ft cable w/ tangle-reducing swivel, an extra-large 5L debris canister, and a handheld remote control. Premium caddy included.
  • Easy to clean filter container
  • Lightweight
  • A seven-day programmable system
  • Useful for wall and steps climbing
  • Handy caddy for easy transportation
  • Lift system for easy lifting of the unit
  • Waterline cleaning cycle
  • Motion sending remote for easy control of the bot in the pool

What is unlikeable about Polaris F9550

  • Extremely expensive
  • Not effective on steps cleaning
  • Often tangles with the power cord

Product information

  • An f9550 model
  • A product from Zodiac Manufacturer
  • Weighs 43.6 pounds
  • Dimensions of 22×22×22
  • Best customer reviews; 4.1 stars out of 5
  • Requires batteries
  • Not manufacturer discontinued

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Highlighted Features

  • Four-wheel Drive

For easy cleaning of the pool waterline, steps, and walls. It also has a firm blade polishing brush to handle the pool tile lines.

  • Vortex Vacuum Technology

For effective cleaning enactment. It is also responsible for handling the long-lasting pressure of dirt and debris.

  • Filth canister Gauge

You get a signal when it is time to empty your filter bag.

  • Active Motion Sensor

The sensor is what automatically controls the position of the robotic cleaner at all time—allowing it to complete and handling cleaning with no difficulties or hang-ups.

  • Waterline Cleaning System

The cycle is for waterline cleaning. It is also for cleaning and scrubbing the isolated tile lines with its blade-like brush.

  • Lift System

The lift system is significant at the touch of a button. It disguises to a necessary location waiting for you to grip it.

  • Handy motion-sensing Remote

One controls the cleaning process at the comfort of your palm. Where you need the cleaning repeated, it is a matter of pressing the remote, and your bot goes to action.

  • Easy to clean filter container

One can clean the dirt and debris in the filter bag easily. You can either shake off the dirt or spray it for convenience.

  • Seven days Programmable Timer

You can program your unit in a cleaning mode and forget about it. You will not need to customize it every time you need to do the cleaning. With the seven-day programmable timer, you are guaranteed of customization.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Does Polaris F9550 have a swivel cord?

Yes. The bot comes with a swivel cord to help the bot cable not to entangle.

#2. Can it work on an above ground swimming pool of 27-feet?

No. the robotic pool cleaner is made only for the inground swimming pools.

#3. Does one have to remove the cleaner each day?

Yes. It is recommended to take out your cleanser. This is to avoid impairment of the cable and the cleaner. For more information on how to handle your unit, check the manufacturer manual to be specific.

#4. What is the warranty kind of Polaris F9550?

All Polaris robotic models come with a limited two-year warranty.

#5. Does Polaris F9550 need a booster pump?

No. Polaris does not need a booster pump. It uses wall power for pool cleaning and propulsion. Unlike the suction-side pool cleaners which require an additional booster pump to function.

What customers say

Most online customers praise Polaris F9550 for many great things. The positive reviews are straightforward on this model. It performs excellent cleaning in the swimming pool. Most of those who purchase the automatic bots want investment to clean with insignificant annoyance.

Another positive review is its simplicity to use. It is easily programmable and works within a short time. This is great as it saves the owner’s energy and time.

There are no praises without complaints. When it comes to Polaris F9550, it has its haters. The criticism from customers are complaints experienced with any other pool cleaner. The robotic swimming pool cleaner gets stuck at the deep ends of the pool.

The other complaint is it stopped its cleaning procedure for no reason. Even after taking it out of the water and checking the settings, it did not resume cleaning.

When we weigh the disapprovals and positives of Polaris F9550, praises take the top lead. It is still ranked the best model to handle the tile lines with its blade-like brushes.

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Polaris F9550 has remarkable features that any swimming pool owner needs in a pool cleaner. It is easy to lift with its lifting system. Easy to maintain the bot and its inner features. Its seven-day programmable timer is useful to customize your regular pool cleaning.

The bot is excellent at cleaning isolated tile lines with blade-like brushes. What impresses most of the swimming pool owners, is its ease in cleaning filter canisters. The canisters are significant at intake of a large number of leaves, dirt, and debris from the deep ends of the pool.

It has a swivel cord to help the bot cable not entangle with the power cable. It is a good unit for cleaning the walls and steps. However, it does not climb steps. On the cost side, Polaris F9550 is expensive than the other models.

This is nothing to be concerned about as its features match the price tag. On the maintenance part, the unit needs minimal upkeep. This is a good thing as the importance of the bot overpowers the drawbacks. It is worth your spendings.


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