Polaris 3900 Reviews

If you are looking for an advanced technology pool cleaner, your best choice should be Polaris 3900. The pool cleaner offers a wide range of unique accessibility and superior performance. With its inventive features improvement for consistency, durability, and enactment.

Polaris 3900 comes with an extra-large suction system. Able to cycle a large amount of debris on a dual-chamber liter debris bag. Polaris 3900 drive system works applicably on both flat surfaces and steep.

The pool cleaner has a TailSweep PRO piece that sanctions it blows up leaves, debris, and dirt from hard-to-access corners and areas.

Polaris 3900 is a suction-side pool cleaner that its price tag matches its innovative features. As a suction side cleaner, it requires an extra booster pump to function. These amazing features make its price bulge to the same level as robotic swimming pool cleaners.

Here is a quick look at Polaris 3900 features, pros, and cons. We are not excluding reviews from online customers.

Polaris 3900 Reviews
  • ELITE CLEANING POWER: More powerful than any other pressure cleaner in its class, the 3900 Sport is equipped with triple venturi jets & all-wheel PosiDrive, delivering unmatched vacuum power and legendary performance.
  • FOR IN-GROUND POOLS: Safe for all pool shapes and surfaces including vinyl, fiberglass, gunite, pebble, & tile.
  • Complete Coverage: The Vac Sweep 3900 Sport moves fluidly as it sweeps & scrubs the floor and walls of your pool- while its extra-large 2.5" inlet picks up large debris other cleaner types can't.
  • DUAL CHAMBERED SUPERBAG: The pressure cleaner is equipped with a 5 liter dual chamber filter bag that captures small and large debris such as leaves, acorns, pebbles, and more.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Polaris Vac Sweep 3900 Sport Pressure-Side Pool Cleaner, 31-feet of feed hose, 5 liter dual chamber superbag for capturing large amounts of debris, & Bonus TailSweep PRO accessory to prevent spraying of windows and walkways.


  • Sturdy pool equipment
  • Effective on steep and flat surfaces
  • Extra-large debris bag


  • Extremely expensive
  • Needs an extra booster pump to function


  • Designed for inground pools
  • A suction-side pool cleanser
  • A 3900 model
  • Weighs 23Ibs with a dimension of 11×24×24
  • A Polaris brand

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1. Potent Vacuum Power

Polaris 3900 customizes three jets to upgrade the filtering power to an approximation of 40gpm. It also has an extremely large mouth of about 2.5 inches to gather all the dirt, debris, and leaves from the pool. When analyzing all the suction-size pool cleansers, Polaris 3900 is in the list of swimming pool cleaners with higher pressure power.

2. 5L Twist Bag

The swimming pool cleaner is designed with an extra-large filter bag to gather debris in large quantities. It is easy to empty the bag as it comes with zipper access. One needs little time to clean the entire bag. That means extra time increment to clean your swimming pool.

3. TailSweep PRO

It is the foremost suction-side swimming pools cleaner to have a TailSweep PRO feature. The standard quality is to diffuse high-pressure water jets over the center diffuser. This considerably lowers water flapping outside your pool.

TailSweep PRO also leads the jets to the hard-to-access places and corners to blow debris, dirt, and leaves to their suction place in the pool cleanser.

4. Wide Trax tires

Polaris 3900 as a suction-side pool cleaner with wide contact tires; it has effectiveness in slope climbing. Its cleaning is also grander as the cleanser is always on the move. The wide Trax tires in Polaris 3900 are the largest all the suction-side pool cleaners.

The pool’s contact with the tires is greater. Not forgetting the ability to climb slopes is superior. What this implies is Polaris 3900 is a choice if your swimming pool is sloppy.

5. PosiTrain System

It has train-designed all-wheel drives. To offer extreme rotating force during your swimming pool’s cleaning process. The advanced system uses a stainless steel chain for effective performance. Use of less time, and few fixations.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Does Polaris 3900 come with a booster pump?

The answer is no. The pool cleaner does not come with a booster pump. When purchasing it, you get the booster pump separately. When considering a pool cleaner with your intended budget.

A booster pump’s availability should be in your mind. Purchasing the booster pump alone is going to cost you dollars more after getting your swimming pool cleanser.

#2. What type of surfaces does the pool cleaner suit?

Polaris 3900 inground pool cleaner is effective for use in any swimming pool surface. It can be either fiberglass or vinyl.

#3. How worthy is Polaris 3900 warranty?

All Polaris suction-side inground pool cleaners come with a limited five-year warranty. This is for frame coverage. Other parts of the Polaris 3900 are covered with a one-year warranty.

‘’Users Reviews’’ on Polaris 3900

When considering reviews from online customers. You can tell that Polaris 3900 is not a likable pool cleaner. This is not unusual with any other swimming pool cleanser. It is distressing when negativities are created to frustrate a pool cleanser. With that, Polaris 3900 is not an exception as it got its share of haters.

What makes Polaris 3900 have more unhappy people than happy? It is the assembly part of it. They complain about taking too much time to detach it into one place. Others have it hard on its functionality, claiming it does not deliver what the company promises.

Another common complaint that exists to all the other swimming pool cleaners is that it did not work at all. Even after keenly following the manufacturer’s instructions. They have a hard time making it work.

The rest of the complaints is about its features. The users are unhappy that their features need too much attention. When one part stops its function, it takes a whole hassle to deal with the problem. That is too much considering the price range one bought it.

While ruling on the pool equipment reviews, one tends to focus on the age of the complaints. At times, the manufacturers respond to the online complaints with fixes and patches, and the complaints come to an end. As for Polaris 3900, its complaints are all-around its operational time.

On the positive side of the reviews, some users were happy and satisfied with it. They loved how it worked on their swimming pools. But, it is not a large promising number that is satisfied.

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Most of all, Polaris 3900 as a suction-side pool cleaner, is fantastic. It has a 5L zipper accessible dirtbag great for use in the whole cleaning time. Three venturi jets nourished by a mouth of 2.5-inches.

Its PosiTrain system boosts its efficiency to move around the bottom of the pool with ease. The wide Trax tires are great in Polaris 3900 as it helps the swimming pool cleaner climb sloppy surfaces and walls with ease.

Incredibly, with all the advanced features for a pressure-side inground pool cleanser. Be prepared to spend a lot of dollars to get it. You will have to pay even more than you will need to get its booster pump separately.


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