Polaris 280 Vs Polaris 360 – Which One Is Best?

Need a pool cleaner? If you are given the option to choose from Polaris 280 and 360, which one would you go for? The answer to these queries is influenced by your equipment set-up. There is no issue to say that that 280 and 360 are the best and most used side pool cleaners. Both are composed to tidy up your pool with the pressure of a pool pump. It propels the device all around the pool. The two pool cleaners are made by the most reputable pool manufacturers. They have built their fame by producing machines that are long-lasting and easy to clean. This article analyses the structural, budget and other differences of Polaris 280 and 360.

Major Disparities between a Polaris 280 and Polaris 360 Polaris 280

Polaris 280

  • It requires a booster pump
  • Can work only when the booster pump is on
  • It has two jets
  • Propelling is by the use of gears which makes it easier to repair
  • The connector hose breaks less hence it is durable
  • It is more costly compared to 360

Polaris 360

  • It doesn’t need a booster pump but only requires the main pool pump
  • Has a smaller vacuum hole compared to Polaris 280
  • Propelling is by the use of belts
  • Has three jets
  • It works in the pool the entire time the main swimming pool is on
  • Has a thick connector hose that is hard to break
  • It is cheap compare to a Polaris

Factors to Consider When choosing between the Polaris 280 and Polaris 360

1. Existing Equipment in the Pool

Polaris 280 differs from Polaris 360 in that Polaris 280 uses a booster pump. Polaris 360 work in swimming pools with no booster pump. Before purchasing either a Polaris 280 or 360, you should ask yourself whether you have a booster pump. If you have one, then buy a Polaris 280. If you do not have a booster pump, it is recommended that you go for Polaris 360. It should be noted that the 280 and the 360 will ONLY work with pressure from the pool. You can only modify your pool equipment if you are using a suction vacuum so that the two works.

2. Amount of Debris

What amount of debris gets in your pool? Tons of it? If your answer is yes, then, the Polaris 280 is going to be your best choice. The Polaris 280 comes with a large vacuum opening that allows huge debris to pass into the cleaner bag easily. The amount of leaves getting clogged in your cleaner is significantly reduced. The Polaris 280 has also another added advantage since you can attach different types of bags. They design bags designed specifically for smaller debris, like dirt and large leaves.

Some people will change these bags with seasons, how we love customizing things! Polaris 280 has another unique feature; it receives filtered water since the booster pump is connected to the equipment after the filter. This completely bars debris from sticking up the cleaner’s hose with the gunk, not unless the filter is broken. Commonly, the Polaris 360 cleaner is clogged since the water it receives is not filtered and always full of small debris. The base line is; if your pool is near trees or vegetation that’s sheds leaves from time to time, Polaris 280 should do you no harm. You will forever enjoy cleaning you pool.

3. Electric consumption

Some people are much concerned with the electric bill, well, if you are one of these guys, the nobody should separate you from Polaris 360. We should not forget that Polaris 280 uses two pumps to work, that is, the main pump and the booster pump. Both pumps must be connected to the grid and will be pumping into your electric bill. In a day, you will be obligated to run the booster pump around 3 to 4 hours.

The good thing with the Polaris 360 is that it uses only the main pump. The 360 will be cleaning all around the pool if the pool pump is on and without the use an extra power of a booster pump. Minus the extra pump translates to a lower electric bill.

4. Recurrent Maintenance Costs

Every machine will require repairs from time to time. The 280 and 360 are no exception. The major parts prone to damaging are the bags, (that might develop holes), the gears (they may break) and the wheels which may wear out. The 280 is more expensive to maintain over a long period. The maintenance of the Polaris 280 is not a friend to your bank account. From time to time you will be required to repair it when it leaks; and if the booster pump needs some installation, you go mad.

With Polaris, you do not have to worry a lot if it breaks. Without the booster pump, some maintenance costs are axed out. The 360 works more hours than the 280, so some minor parts tears and wears out more than the Polaris 280. So, with the 360, you will be digging out some money for these minor repairs, though not costly.

5. Ease to Repair

Polaris 280 parts are far much easier to repair. In addition, its units are also easier to dismantle and detect any mechanical issue. This is because the 280 uses gears that are replaced and accessed easily. On the other hand, the 360 has belts that are more involving to replace.

Hoses: the hoses that the 360 uses are thick and prone to cracking
often. This can be difficult when trying to repair the broken hose. The Polaris 280 uses hoses that are more durable and easier to repair. All in all, the mechanical repair of these two amazing machines should not give you sleepless nights since its simple and user-friendly.


when faced with the task of choosing between Polaris 360 and 280, your needs should always guide you. The 360 is budget friendly but doesn’t do well with pools having large and heavy debris. The 280 is expensive but does a superb job. Whether you consider the costs only any other factors, you should always know that the Polaris requires a booster pump; so, if don’t have one, go for the 360.

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