How to Winterize Your Above-Ground Pool

Above-Ground Pool

Above-ground swimming pools are mostly household swimming pools that are constructed above the ground surface. They are in various shapes according to the preference of a household. Materials such as vinyl liners are used to hold water above the ground. These swimming pools have some benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness as well as a satisfaction … Read more

10 Myths about Swimming Pools

Myths about Swimming Pools

Swimming pools as a form of man-made water bodies date back to 2600 B.C.E. According to the book Contested waters; a social history of swimming in America, the Cabot street Bath in Boston was the first swimming pool in the USA which opened its doors in 1868. Apparently there is nothing good without fault; a … Read more

How to Use, Handle, and Store Pool Chemicals?

How to Use, Handle, and Store Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals for killing bacteria, sanitizing water, and cleaning your swimming pool are hazardous. Like any other chemical in our modern world, thy are beneficial if properly handled and used but are extremely dangerous and fatal if improperly or carelessly handled. Knowing where to store them and how to manage them will reduce the risk … Read more

Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner Review

Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner Review

Every person desires to have a spectacular and memorable time in the swimming pool. This desire is because swimming is an excellent way of relaxing and unwinding from life’s stress and hustles. However, most people are very keen on the status of the swimming pool. Hygiene is the main factor that people look into when … Read more

How to Vacuum Intex Pool Without a Skimmer

Vacuum Intex Pool Without a Skimmer

Is your Intex pool an above-ground or in-ground? Any of these should be kept clean. The best way to get your pool clean is by using a vacuum. Although it is much easier to clean a pool with a skimmer, your pool might not have a skimmer. And this is why we have developed this … Read more

How to Clean the Bottom of a Pool Without Vacuum?

Pool Without Vacuum

Having a clean pool is every pool owner’s dream. Whether above or in-ground, keeping a pristine pool needs the use of the right cleaning tools. You have a hundred percent guarantee of a clean swimming pool when using a vacuum cleaner. On the other end, you can clean the bottom of your pool without a … Read more

How to Hook Up a Pool Vacuum to Intex Pump

Pool Vacuum to Intex Pump

An Intex Pool vacuum is an affordable alternative to the installation of an in-ground pool. All types of Intex vacuums are available in different shapes and sizes for the convenience of different budget ranges and various yards. With an Intex pool vacuum, you will have much better memories of the summer. But to enjoy lovely … Read more