Polaris 9450 Review

Polaris 9450

Recreation in our present days has become a culture for most people. Swimming is one of the recreative ways of relaxing your body and withdrawing from life’s daily hustles. For many people having a swimming pool within their compounds serves as a luxury. Additionally, a pool adds a good taste of calmness to the environment. … Read more

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Review

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Swimming is an interesting and enjoyable activity for those who love swimming, that is. Owning a swimming pool can then be the greatest milestone in your leisure life. You live like a lord or the king of Morocco! The downside of this is that you will have to part with some maintenance costs. Painful? Nothing good comes with empty pockets. Swimming pools are tedious … Read more

Polaris 3900 Reviews

Polaris 3900

If you are looking for an advanced technology pool cleaner, your best choice should be Polaris 3900. The pool cleaner offers a wide range of unique accessibility and superior performance. With its inventive features improvement for consistency, durability, and enactment. Polaris 3900 comes with an extra-large suction system. Able to cycle a large amount of … Read more

Polaris 280 Review

Polaris 280 Review

We can bet that having as swimming pool is not very difficult; the most tedious task is maintaining the swimming pool. Worse still, if you do not have an efficient pool cleaner. Several people worldwide are using multiple methods and tools to keep their pools tidy and attractive. You should clean your pool in about two to three times a week at least; for this … Read more

Polaris 280 Vs Polaris 360 – Which One Is Best?

Polaris 280

Need a pool cleaner? If you are given the option to choose from Polaris 280 and 360, which one would you go for? The answer to these queries is influenced by your equipment set-up. There is no issue to say that that 280 and 360 are the best and most used side pool cleaners. Both are composed to tidy up your pool with the pressure of a … Read more

Aquabot X4 Reviews

Aquabot X4 Reviews

Undoubtedly, you are here looking for reviews on Aquabot X4. You want to identify its advantages, limitations, and features. With that, you are in the exact place. Aquabot X4 is an automatic robotic pool cleaner for both the aboveground and inground swimming pools. A unique pool cleaner for cleansing small stuff, go scrapping, and circulating. … Read more

Hayward Aquanaut 400 Review

Hayward Aquanaut 400

An impressive four-wheel drive with a tank built body. Hayward Aquanaut 400 does not require a pool booster pump to function like most suction side swimming pool cleansers. It is cheaper to acquire a pool cleanser that links reliably into your swimming pool’s transmission cycle.  Surprisingly, it is a simple cleanser that you can plug … Read more

How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water

Clear Cloudy Pool Water

Swimming pools are great investments worth having at our homes. They are the best enjoyment facilities for you and your loved ones. Even when they are rewarding, they can be very challenging at large. Swimming facilities need regular maintenance to serve you in the best way possible. Cleaning swimming pools is one way of maintaining … Read more

How to Open an Inground Pool

Open an Inground Pool

Spring is the time to prepare for your pool opening to people living in seasonal swim seasons. Although you can hire a pool cleaning service to help open a pool, many homeowners take pride and enjoyment in doing it themselves. If you’re one of those people, you’ll want to keep some tips in mind before you get started. … Read more