How to Glue Glass Together?

How to Glue Glass Together

Glass accessories are exquisite. But they can also be fragile. What would you do if your favorite glass piece breaks? Throwing the entire piece is an option. But in 2021, we focus on sustainability and cost-effectivity. So pick up those pieces; we’re going to fix them. That too, all by ourselves! Glue is an excellent … Read more

Titebond Wood Glue Review

Titebond Wood Glue

The perks of having great quality wood glue are that you can skip the whirring power tools, screws, and bolts for a simple piece of carpentry. In fact, a high-adhesive wood glue like Tite bond III can push your woodworking boundaries- helping you join expensive, treated lumber for extraordinary movables. Tite bond III is well-known … Read more

Shoe Goo Review

Shoe Goo

Do you love your old strong boots that have been your travel partners to remote and tough adventures of your life? Have you noticed them coming apart and want to save them? Drop your worries down because Shoo Goo is here. Shoo Goo is a work boot adhesive designed especially for repairing the holes and … Read more

Q Bond Adhesive Review

Q Bond Adhesive

We have all accidentally broken precious things or had them broken. And, most of those times, we couldn’t salvage those things. Here, we are presenting you with an advanced approach for these cases. With adhesives on deck, complicated repair procedures become easy fixes. You can repair broken vases, seal damaged sinks, fix broken car parts, … Read more

How to Use Q Bond Adhesive

How to Use Q Bond Adhesive

Even the most cautious person can end up breaking things by accident or other means. Fortunately, most of the broken things can be pieced together or repaired using a strong Q-Bond adhesive. From metal to plastic, this ultra-strong bonding agent can repair almost anything! If you find yourself in a position where you’ve broken something … Read more

How to Remove Glue from Plastic

How to Remove Glue from Plastic

There is nothing more annoying than having glue stuck on places you do not want to have glue on. Adhesives are something that can get on any surface by mistake, and once they are on, it can be hard to get them off. Knowing how to remove glue from plastic is important because plastic is … Read more

E6000 Glue Review


Need to repair vehicles? Working on a craft project? One of the common things you will need in both of these cases is a high-quality adhesive. Adhesives of good quality are hard to find. Even if you do find one, turns out it doesn’t serve multiple purposes. The E6000 glue does not only excel in … Read more