Loctite Super Glue Review

If you are looking for an unbreakable bond, you may not find it much anywhere else but will surely find it with our Loctite Super Glue, which is guaranteed. This is a chemical reaction that you can easily trust. In our Loctite super glue review, we’ll analyze the product.

It’s based on the power of the cyanoacrylate formula – a super reliable polymer that forms long and strong chains between different compounds and results in a bond that is unbreakable by every means.

Loctite will really lock it tight, seal it through and give you assurance with the perfect control. It will invisibly solve all your problems and make the impossible possible for you.

Loctite Super Glue Reviews

Loctite Super Glue

Loctite Super Glue
  • Water-resistant
  • No-clog container for longer life
  • 15 second dry time

Have you used super glue that left you in a mess of tangled fingers and with that uncomfortable sensation of having the air drawn out of yourself? Well, that happens with most super glues anyway, but it especially happens with the ones that are super drippy and liquidy.

We hate those formulas, to be honest. They are unnecessarily messy, and oftentimes these kinds of glue lose their adhesive strength all too quickly. So it turns out that all the mess has gone to vain when the glue fails to do its job even after putting you through such hassle.

Well, fortunately, we have found this Loctite super glue to save the day. This is the kind of glue that really sticks and doesn’t make a runny mess of itself when it’s squeezed out of the tube. And if you haven’t used this, you don’t know how refreshing a feeling that is!

If you are frustrated with super glue formulas in general and have started to think that they don’t work, then we highly suggest this one to you – after using it, you will definitely restock.

Never again will you feel hesitant about using super glue again in your life when you have the Loctite Super Glue within your clutch.

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Key Features

Let’s dig deeper to see what attributes it has to give it this reputation.

Incorruptible Rubber Seal

Like we said just above, there is nothing more annoying and useless than a super glue that doesn’t keep its adhesive strength. Ah, but this is where we are going to stop our rant about that because the specialty of the Loctite in keeping its seals airtight means that this is not a glue that will betray you.

The cyanoacrylate is the main body of this formula, and it’s where the glue will get its strength from.

Perhaps the best thing about this chemical is that it is immune to any of the reducing effects of water, shocks, vibration, or impacts of any sort. No matter how much you pull and tug at the bonded components, you won’t be able to pull them apart. Therefore, this is very reliable.

Amalgamating Compatibility

This glue can adhere to anything. This chemical bonds when any trace of water molecules is present within the compounds that it’s bonding with. Since everything has water molecules or moisture in it, you can trust this glue to bond with everything.

Porous and non-porous substances both have water, and so they will both befit the properties of this chemical to form a good bond.

Everything from light plastic, to thick heavy plastic, from wood to rubber, to metal, ceramic, leather, and even glass- all kinds of materials will fuse with this cyanoacrylate in order to form an unbreakable bond.

Once you put this glue on something, you can rest assured that the bond will be formed, and things will get a firm seal altogether. You can revive all your broken items and give them a few more years of use as long as you have this glue at hand. This is a very useful item for all households, offices, stores, workshops and so on.

Dripless Formula

Dripping is always unwanted. With superglues, dripping is particularly unbearable. To save you from the suffocating displeasure of having sealed up fingers, the company has incorporated a special no-mess gel formula with the Loctite.

The consistency of this glue is perfect – the gel doesn’t drip or leak. It simply comes out of the tube in a clean consistency that doesn’t make a mess of itself.

Thus, you will find this very refreshing and simple to work with, and the Loctite will quickly become a favorite in the household, and you will soon find more and more uses for it.

Easy Application

This non-drip formula is very easy to work with. Well, you already know how it’s done, right? You just have to squeeze the tube- the amount of pressure you apply will determine how much product comes out, so apply with caution.

But where other glues had made you struggle, this one won’t. And that is because of the careful packaging.

No more than the desired amount will be released from the tube, and this amount is easily controllable by adjusting the pressure you apply on the tube. The gel formula further aids in controlling this flow. So, bottle design and the consistency of the liquid works simultaneously to give you a clean application process.

Patented Applicator

One of the reasons why applying this glue is so easy is its applicator. We can guarantee that such an applicator as this one won’t come with anything else. The applicator is cone-shaped, and it has a self-piercing cap that has to be screwed into place.

It has been packaged in the right way for optimizing the user’s satisfaction. The bottle has a squeeze-able design that responds to pressure right away. Just put your fingers on it and give it a slight squeeze to have the glue smoothly ooze out of the tube without any clumps or clots.

Loctite Super Glue Review

Since the applicator is shaped like a cone, it will be easy for you to carefully apply the glue in your target areas, even if the area is very narrow and tricky to reach.

When you are done applying the glue, you just have to put the cap back on the nozzle to seal the tube.


One of the things that everyone dislikes about super glue is that it dries out in the tube. Many consider these glues a one-time use item because once the cap has been opened and air has touched the glue, there’s no way that it can be used again.

However, we can say that this tube of glue won’t render itself useless that quickly. You will get to use the tube a couple of times before that happens. But you have to make sure that you thread the cap into the nozzle very tightly.

Another instruction that comes from the company is that you have to keep the tube in an upright position while keeping it in a completely dry place altogether. Dry places will keep the glue dry and help to keep it usable for longer periods of time.

Toxicity Levels- Too Low for Effect

All super glues have some level of toxicity. But fortunately enough, cyanoacrylate, the main adhesive in Loctite, is toxic only by the slightest degree. This is not at a level that is cause for any concern.

However, although it might not be of concern to you, it will surely be a concern for kids – the tiny level of toxicity will cause irritation if it comes in contact with the sensitive skin of a child’s body.

So make sure that you always keep this super glue away from the reach of children – don’t even let them sniff it because that will also cause the same irritation.

We still want to warn you because this is a natural attribute of the chemical. Regardless of that, have no fear when working with this chemical.

Also, you have to be very fast when working with super glue so that the glue doesn’t harden up inside the tube – and due to this small window of time, you are not going to get any toxicity anyway. So, you’re safe with this glue.

Dries Transparent

One of the other things about this glue that really makes it such a versatile product is its transparency. Well, all superglue is clear, to begin with. But sometimes, some super glues get a tinge of color when they dry. This one doesn’t have that. This one will dry to be exactly colorless.

And as such is the colorlessness of this glue, so the range for use is also very varied. You can put this on your glassware and have no one suspect a thing – the glue will definitely not show even if the crack line in the glass does.

Daily household fixes will be a breeze in this regard.

If you are feeling creative, you can even try out Kintsugi with it. This is a Japanese art of mending broken things beautifully. Since this glue doesn’t leave visible traces when dry, this would be just the right kind of thing to try Kintsugi with.

You can try out many DIY items with this glue, and you’re going to have all the more fun with it due to its neat quality.


  • Colorless formula, colorless drying
  • Completely resistant to water, impacts, oil
  • Has a gel formula that doesn’t drip
  • Easy to work with since this is a no-mess adhesive
  • Can bond with porous and non-porous compounds perfectly
  • The bottle is perfectly squeezable and very responsive to finger pressure


  • Has mild toxicity
  • Takes 60 seconds to dry that might be too slow for some applications

Frequently Asked Questions:

#1. Will I be able to bond and make jewelry items with this?

Jewelry items can be bonded, but the bond will not last that long. The consistency of superglue, in general, is not suitable for the texture and the chemical composition of elements that jewelry is made of. Therefore, you will have to look for something that has a far more robust binding capability than super glue.

#2. How to make super glue dry faster?

Super glue naturally bonds when any water molecule is present in the compound. Now it might take a bit of time for chemicals to form these bonds with the water.

To help this case, put some baking soda on the part where you want the bond to form. Then put the glue over the baking soda in that part, and voila, the seal will be instantaneous!

#3. Is there any way I can undo the bond made by super glue?

Yes, you can. Get a cotton ball, completely saturate it will nail polish remover, and then hold the soaked cotton ball to the glue bond. Keep the cotton ball on the area for some time, and the bond will slowly start to break up to release the hold of the glue.

#4. How toxic is super glue?

Well, all superglue has a bit of toxicity. But the toxicity is in trace amounts – it won’t affect adults but might cause breathing difficulties in a child since children are generally more toxic to chemical exposure. To keep your case safe, make sure that you keep the glue away from the reach of children.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the perfect glue that isn’t a hassle to deal with or too messy or weak to work, then this is the perfect thing for you. Loctite Super Glue is the real deal.

So without hesitations, change up to this product and see for yourself. We definitely think you’ll love it – everything from its consistency, the drying speed, to the ease of application!

Also, let us know your opinion on our Loctite super glue review.

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