How to Vacuum a Pool With Sand Filter?

An in-ground pool needs vacuuming as a typical maintenance procedure. A pool can be cleaned using two filter settings depending on the amount of dirt and debris on the pool’s surface. Skimmers are only good at the removal of debris and dirt suspended in the pool.

Not Impurities at the bottom and sides of the pool. Regularly, the dirt is brushed off to the sides and bottom. Stirring them up enhances easy clearance by the sand filter.

Nonetheless, vacuuming will clear the pool effectively for faster results. Depending on the level of debris and dirt in your swimming pool, the sand filter uses two valve settings for pool vacuuming. Here are simple ways on how to vacuum your pool with sand filter;

  • The first thing to do is turn your heater off if it is still on- It should not cycle. Remove large debris and leaves from the pool before you begin with the vacuuming process. Get a scoop net to remove the trash that blocks the hose pip or the vacuum head.
  • Shut your vacuum pump off and clean the skimmer and pump basket.
  • Later place back the pump basket to its correct place.
  • Backwash the vacuum filter; you do this by making sure you turn on the filter top handle until the filter gets to the backwash. Turn the pump on for two minutes and shut your pump off while turning the filter handle.
  • Next, shut the primary drain off. You can do this by turning the pump’s handle to a position where it states off the main drain.
  • Go ahead and connect the vacuum head to your telescopic pole, the vacuum head to the vacuum hose. After assembling all the equipment, place the vacuum head into the pool and fill the hose with water. After you are done, close the flap at the bottom of your skimmer and put the end of the vacuum hose on the vacuum plate then connect it with the other end of the skimmer with your skimmer basket.
  • After the procedure, turn on your pump. Now you are ready to vacuum your pool. With your telescopic pole, emerge the vacuum head into the pool and steadily and straightforwardly, move the head back and forth in the pool to get rid of dirt on the surface, the sides, and the bottom of the swimming pool.
  • After you are done, pull out the vacuum from the skimmer and the pool. Go ahead and clean the skimmer baskets and use a pump to open the main drain.
  • After some time, backwash your pool to wind up your cleaning. Turn the filter valve into a backwash position. The sand in the sand filtration media blocks dirt, oil, and debris. Backwashing the pool helps to reverse the water flow level in the pool, expelling the vacuumed dirty water through the waste line to the drain. Turn the pump on and backwash it for two minutes until the vision glass’s water runs clear.
  • You are done with all the processes of vacuuming and backwashing the pool. It is now time to turn your pump off.
  • Clean your filter; empty your skimmer basket, close your skimmer valve, and clean the hair catcher after you have finished vacuuming and reopened the skimmer valve.
  • The last step is to reset your filter valve to filter and turn on your pump.

Multiport Setting

With the multiport filter, it has six types of settings; Filter, Backwash, recirculate, Waste, Rinse, and Closed. When vacuuming your pool with a sand filter, your setting option depends on the amount of debris and dirt in the swimming pool.

The level of dirt in a swimming pool emitted by a typical swimmer can be vacuumed when the multiport valve is turned into a filter setting. With this, the vacuumed water is passed through the filter and back to the swimming pool.

The dirt picked from the bottom of the pool gets sand filtration inside the filter. At times the dirt may concentrate on the sand filter making it hard to clean your vacuum cleaner.

In case of the situation, go through your vacuum filter manufacturer manual to know how to the procedure and directions to perform filter backwash after you are done vacuuming your pool.

The vacuum process

A typical pool vacuum uses the available vacuum energy in the skimmer lines. These forces pull water from the circulation pump into the skimmer lines and get back to the pump in an opposing party. This water got over the sand filter in positive energy and emitted to the pool in return lines. Later the vacuum hose is pressed to fit in the skimmer bay.

When water is pulled through the vacuum head, it rolls on the sides and bottom of the swimming pool extracting all the debris, dirt, and algae. The dirt is then transferred over the skimmer bay to the pump then finally to the sand filter.

When filtering is not required

It is necessary at times to use you vacuum your pool with a sand filter. Where the pool is loaded with layers of dust, algae, and dirt at the bottom of the pool, straining the filter with unwanted dirt may block the filter tool.

On the other hand, shocked algae with chlorine in high doses will go through the sand filter media. If a flocculent has been used in vacuuming the pool, vacuum water should not be conveyed over the sand filter.

Vacuum to Waste

In situations where the sand filter is not needed to vacuum your pool, a multiport valve should be set to waste. In this, the cleaned water passes into the sewer’s drain instead of through the filter then down the sewer.

When vacuuming to waste, the water level in the pool drops significantly as cleaned water goes back to the pool. It is necessary to add some water to the pool immediately after vacuuming. Later on, test and correct the PH balance and chlorine of the freshly added moisture in the pool.

How to Begin Vacuuming Your Pool?

  1. When using a sand filter to vacuum to waste, set your filter to the option of waste. In case this option is not available and you have algae in your swimming pool, a vacuum to waste is essential. The vacuuming option lets you vacuum algae out of the pool, sending it over the backwash line and evading it from getting into the filter sand.
  2. Leave your vacuum on the filter setting and turn the pump on to begin vacuuming the pool. With this, you will not misplace a lot of water.
  • Begin vacuuming your pool the same way you would your carpet or floor gathering algae, dirt, and debris in the process.
  1. After vacuuming your pool on the waste option, turn the pump on for almost thirty minutes, then turn it off and remember to set your filter to filter choice.
  2. For a cartridge filter, spray cartridges out of the garden hose and hooked on the filter.
  3. Finally, please turn it off, and you are done with all the process.

Note why it is necessary to vacuum your pool with sand filter time and again. It is to eliminate any dirt and algae contamination that comes up in your swimming pool because of frequent use or because the weather condition is unfavorable.

For your vacuuming equipment to last, remember to turn off all your pumps before beginning your vacuuming.



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