How to Use Glue Dots?

Glue dots are a blessing to those who love crafting things every now and then. They are an amazing alternative to hot glue and work magically when it comes to kids. Moreover, it’s also super safe and leaves little to no mess at all.

Pretty convenient, right? But what if you don’t know how to use them? Well, look no further, because you have bumped into the right article. We will teach you how to use glue dots and much more.

In the article, we have included the basics that you have to know about glue dots, the reasons you should use them, and how you can do so. Let’s jump in, shall we?

What Are Glue Dots?

The name of this product is pretty self-explanatory. Glue dots are small adhesive dots that work amazingly as glue. They are small in size and mostly used to stick things to paper. But they are also a great addition to glue types when it comes to arts and crafts, working as an amazing alternative to hot glue and adhesive tape.

And the most amazing thing about glue dots is that they are safe to use. So, children can pretty easily use them. That’s one less thing to worry about if you have children.

Types of Glue Dots


These adhesive dots come in different types, according to your need. Here are the types of glue dots that you can find in the market-

1. High Tack Glue Dots

These are temporary dots that have weak adhesive. They are mostly used to stick credit cards to paper or leather.

2. Low Tack Glue Dots

This kind is also removable, but they have strong adhesive properties. So, you can use them to stick heavier items, such as magazines.

3. High Shear Tack Glue Dots

They are semi-permanent dots that can hold strong bonds to things.

5. Super High Tack Glue Dots

These are permanent dots. They are in no way removable, so you might have to think twice before using them.

Why Use Glue Dots?

Glue dots work great when it comes to arts and crafts. But they also happen to be very useful when it comes to day-to-day life. So, the question stands- why should you use glue dots over other options of glue?

How to Use Glue Dots

Well, the answer is pretty is simple. Glue dots are more accessible and easier to use. They don’t need any hassle to apply. That’s why they are an astounding alternative to conventional hot glue and adhesive tape.

Benefits of Using Glue Dots

Now, let’s come down to all the benefits that you can get from using glue dots.

For starters, glue dots are both compact and strong when it comes to adhesion. Their bonds aren’t that easy to break. They say the strongest of friendships might end up breaking, but glue dots won’t; only if you get the right ones of course.

As we mentioned before, they are safe to use for children, so they’re not a health hazard. But, the most important thing about them is that glue dots leave little to no mess at all. So, if you use some temporary ones, then you can just yank them off and would not need to clean the surface. Pretty convenient, if you ask us.

Those were all the things that you had to know about glue dots. Now, let’s check out how you can apply them.

How to Apply Glue Dots:

We have put together 4 steps that you can follow to properly apply glue dots to your craft and not have to worry about it again. So, here goes-

Step 1: Choose the Right Kind of Glue Dots

Firstly, you have to choose the kind of glue dots that you want to apply. That totally depends on the reason you’re using the glue dots in the first place.
We have mentioned 4 kinds of glue dots above. They all have different levels of strength when it comes to adhesion. If you need something temporary, a high-tack glue dot should do the work. On the contrary, you’ll need a super high tack glue dot for the strongest bond.

Step 2: Prepare the Things You Want to Stick Together

Secondly, you’ll have to prep the things that you want to stick using the glue dot. Once you have chosen the right glue dot for your purpose; you’ll need to prepare whatever surface the dot goes on. Get some cleaning liquid or just a cloth and clean the surface, so that dust doesn’t interfere with the glue.

For instance, in the case of a credit card, just wipe it with some water (avoid the microchip at all costs). Clean up the other surface as well. This will make sure that the glue sticks onto the objects properly and doesn’t slip off.

It is more important if you’re using a temporary glue dot, as they have a comparatively weaker adhesion.
That takes care of the preparation phase, now we’re going to do some actual work. Once this step is taken care of, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Peel Away

The third thing to do would be to peel away the glue covers on both sides of the dot. Now, this is a bit tricky. Things might get a bit sticky if you don’t play your cards right. Let’s see the right way of doing it.

Slowly peel the cover off before you apply it to a surface. Make sure that you don’t touch the open end and there is no rapid flow of air around you. Not taking care of either of these issues will make the glue weak. Now, move on to the last step, and let’s be done with this.

Step 4: Place the Glue Dot Properly

Lastly, you have to properly place the glue dot on the objects. Without touching the glue or letting it dry, carefully place it on the things that you want to stick together. Once that is done, let it set for a couple of seconds, and you’re done.

Those were all the steps that you need to follow to properly use a glue dot. So, now you know how to use a glue dot properly. Just make sure you do it with caution.

Bottom Line

That was pretty much all we had to show regarding how to use glue dots. And we hope that you were able to learn something from this. We also hope that you can put this information to good use and work some magic. And we look forward to seeing your craftwork, so do send us some pictures.

Always remember that glue dots are also a health hazard if swallowed. Kids can be pretty pesky at times. They don’t know better and might end up swallowing glue dots. So, always guide kids when they use them to avoid any accidents.

With all of that taken care of, take care and happy crafting!



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