How to Use Glitter Glue?

Any person involved in arts and crafts in any way has worked with glitter at some point. And if you have worked with glitter, you know what a painfully messy thing it can be. Chunks of glitter tend to fly everywhere, create a big mess, and make artwork and cleanup much difficult.

This is where glitter glue comes in and acts as a savior. Crafters and artists love them and use them frequently to be more efficient and mess-free. Keep reading our article to find out how to use glitter glue and get the most out of it.

After you are done, you will know all about this tool that can make art projects much cleaner for you.

What Is Glitter Glue?

First, let us explain in detail what glitter glue is and what it can do. Many people think that glitter glue is a special type of glue that you can use to keep powder glitter in place. But the truth is, glitter glue itself is a combination of glitter powder and adhesive.

This combination creates a unique kind of glitter that can be applied directly. It dries down pretty quickly. This glitter does not create any mess and makes sure your artistic endeavors are never hampered.

Glitter glues of a wide range of prices are available to make sure that artists of all types can use them.

Where Can I Use Glitter Glue?

Glitter glue is a multitasker, as it can be used for a wide array of purposes. If you work in arts and crafts, you are bound to need it at some point. Those who work on making toys or accessories for children have to use this a lot.

For making scrapbooks, cards, ornaments, pieces of jewelry, etc., glitter glue is extremely necessary. Glitter glue is also now being used to make slime and play dough.

If you are someone who likes to watch slime-making videos, you surely have seen a good deal of it being used. Scented glues also can be seen now, which are used to make many different types of craft items.

Glitter Glue Types

Glitter glue generally comes in two types – in a tube or a pen. The application is pretty similar with both, but most users seem to prefer the pen ones more. It is said that glitter glue pens are more helpful when you want to maintain accuracy. Moreover, controlling the flow of the glitter is easier with a pen.

How Can I Use Glitter Glue?

All these talks about glitter must have started to make you wonder how you can use them in the best way. Continue reading to find out the ways you can incorporate glitter glue in your projects and add a dash of fun to them.

1. Use Them in Cards

A handmade card is surely the best gift that can help you express your feelings. Both pen and tube glitter glues can be used freely while you are designing handmade cards. You can either stamp a design or draw a design by hand first, and then apply glitter on it.

Be slow and take your time, as you surely want your precious card to be as precise and fault-free as possible. If you do not want to make any designs, you can also write your message with glitter. But no matter what, always trace the design with a pencil first for better accuracy.

2. Amp up Your Home Décor Items

Some of you love to create items from scratch. Handmade home décor items such as perfume tray, jewelry dish, finger ring holder, etc. can benefit from some strategically placed and properly planned design using glitter glue.

3. Restore Your Favorite Items

If you do not have the time or energy to create a new item from scratch, do not worry. There are some brilliant uses of home décor for you, too. You can take an old item from your home, a thrift shop, or a garage sale, and restore it however you like.

First, you will have to clean the item thoroughly. Then, you can create designs and patterns of your own using glitter glue.

4. Use a Stencil

If you do not feel like taking much trouble and drawing a design, you can use a stencil to decorate your desired items. Simply put a stencil where you want the design to be, fill in the spots with glitter, and let dry. After you are done applying glitter, do not forget to clean the stencil before the glue dries.

5. Use It on Fabric

Glitter glue can be successfully used on fabric to make any type of decoration you want. If you are working on a craft project that involves fabric, you can use it to decorate.

Those who work with handmade costumes or outfits for children will love glitter glue. Children usually love glitter, so they definitely will love an outfit with a glitter design. Though glitter glue can be used on most types of fabric, it generally does not sit on silk.

6. Make Study and Playtime Fun

You can make your children’s study and playtime even more fun with the help of glitter glue. The assignments and projects in their class can use a touch of sparkle and color. You can encourage the kids to practice tracing and eventually create artworks of their own.

Necessary Precautions and Tips

Along with learning the ways to use glitter glue, you should also keep in mind some necessary tips and precautions. Keeping these in mind will help you carry out your work smoothly and safely. Let us take a look at them below-

1. Safety Measures

It is advised that you keep your workstation and glitter glue away from kids and pets. Glitter glue in general is harmless, but it can cause sickness if a child or a pet consumes a large amount of it.

How to Use Glitter Glue

You should also keep it away from any kind of flame, as some brands make flammable glitter glue.

2. Ensure Fun Playtime

To make playtime more fun, you can give your child edible glitter glue. Edible glitter glue creates no problem if swallowed. You can also make your own edible glitter glue if you want. If you are applying on fabric, you can also use a washable version.

3. Use as Adhesive

Glitter can be used as an adhesive for most materials. Though it may be a little less strong, it will work as an adhesive nonetheless.

4. Make Your Own Glitter Glue

Making your own glitter glue is possible. It is also a very fun exercise for kids and often will save you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on brand name glitter.

Simply mixing glue and glitter powder will result in beautiful and sparkly glitter glue. You can tweak the glitter and glue ratio to make sure that the final product is as sparkly as you want it to be.

Fixing Glitter Glue Disasters

Fixing Glitter Glue

While working with glitter glue, be cautious so that it does not get anywhere and creates a mess. Though it is less messy than regular loose glitter, it can still create some trouble.

Whether you are working alone or have a kid with you, glitter disasters can totally happen. The most common things that happen are glitter glue getting stuck on your skin or hair. Let us see how we can remedy each situation-

1. Glitter Glue in Hair

We all have had our fair share of glue getting stuck in our hair while we are deeply emerged in craftwork. If glitter glue gets stuck to your hair, do not panic. The key is to not let it sit in your hair for too long. Also, the removal process is fairly easy.

Start by soaking your hair in a mixture of shampoo and warm water for 10-15 minutes. After this, massage gently, and then rinse with water. Repeat until all the glue is gone. How long it takes will depend on the amount of glue stuck to your hair.

2. Glitter Glue Stuck on Skin

This is much more common than getting glitter glue stuck in your hair. In order to remove any glue or glitter glue stuck to your skin, you need water and nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol.

Soak a cotton ball in the liquid and gently rub it on the glue. Every once in a while, hold the cotton on the glue for some time. Slowly, the glue will start to come off. How long you will have to do this depends on the amount of glue stuck.

Final Words

After reading our comprehensive article, we hope you have learned how to use glitter glue in art and craft projects. In addition to that, we have talked about some much necessary related topics just for your convenience. We hope you have lots of fun creating beautiful projects.



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