How to Use a Krazy Glue Pen?

Due to the fast working nature and strong adhesive strength, the Krazy Glue pen is a great pick for office work and DIY projects. Since you can use it with many household materials, many homeowners consider buying or keeping one in their residence.

However, to get the best out of this adhesive you need to know how to properly use it. That’s where this article comes in as it will teach you how to use Krazy Glue pen and get the best out of it.

Applicator Types

One thing you need to know about the Krazy Glue pen is that it possesses different applicator types.

These include brush-type applicators with which you can brush the glue onto the surface, a tube applicator for squeezing the glue onto a

surface, and a precision control applicator for better control of the amount of glue used.

Applicator types will change depending on how you apply the glue to the surface so keep that in mind.

Depending on the type of the task, different applicators will prove advantageous. For larger planks of wood, brush types are much better since you can glue a larger area easily and more evenly.

Precision control applicators are very helpful for small parts where you can’t afford to spill glue elsewhere. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the different applicator designs so you can use the best one for the task at hand.

How to Use Krazy Glue Pen:

Once you’ve decided on the particular applicator, you can then proceed to use the Krazy Glue pen. It’s important you first familiarize yourself with the applicator action before use and then follow the instructions below:

1. Take the Glue Pen Out of the Packaging

If you haven’t already, take the glue pen out of the package and check the applicator type. The top of the glue pen can be twisted. Rotate it counter-clockwise until the glue stick part is visible.

2. Preparing the Surface

Regardless of the surface, you are using the glue pen on, it needs to be properly prepared, or else the glue won’t stick sufficiently. Use a grease remover to get rid of grease on the surface or it will bind to the glue instead and cause a mess. Properly clean or wipe the dirt away from the surface to make it clean.

It is recommended to give a primary cleaning with a wet wipe and then drying the material. This makes the gluing process much smoother.

3. Gently Shake the Glue Pen

This makes the glue flow more easily and pour out much easier when you’re trying to apply it.
Place the Pen on the Area to Be Glued

Take the pen (make sure not to push it down) and place it on the area to be glued. This is important for precision control applicator types as it is designed to release a small stream of glue so make sure your placement is correct.

4. Push Down on the Pen

After properly placing the pen on the desired area, push it down. The push-n-glue system of the Krazy Glue pen will cause the glue to be released onto the area. Once the proper amount of glue has been applied, remove the pen from the surface.

5. Wipe off Any Remaining Glue on the Tip

With a disposable tissue or paper, wipe off any remaining glue on the tip of the pen. It’s important to clean off this glue as it can clog the opening and prevent the pen from working later on.

6. Join the Glued Pieces Together

After gluing the pieces, you need to press them together. Keep them joined for 30 to 40 seconds so that the adhesive can bond together. Once done, leave the pieces down somewhere so that they can dry properly.

7. Close the Cap

Make sure to close the cap of your Krazy Glue pen so that the glue inside does not get exposed. Exposing it means that it will dry up and won’t work as properly the next time you use it. Make sure the tube is properly sealed.

Storing the Glue Pen


Glue can dry up and become useless if not properly stored. The Krazy Glue pen isn’t difficult to store but there are some important things you should keep in mind when storing it. Remember to:

1. Seal the Cap Properly

Unsealed glue pens don’t last very long, and it doesn’t hurt to properly tighten the cap when you’re done using it.

2. Keep It Away from Moisture

Moisture can weaken the glue and it is generally recommended not to keep it near any wet or damp places.

3. Keep It Away from Hot Areas

Do not put the glue pen in hot areas or near fires. Heat can cause the adhesive bonds to break and render the glue useless.

How to Use a Krazy Glue Pen

Properly storing your glue pen will ensure a long shelf time and preservation of the glue’s properties.

Materials That Krazy Glue Pen Can Be Used on

The Krazy Glue pen can be used on a large number of materials. It is safe to use with paper, metal, leather, rubber, ceramic, felt, and glass. All these materials are very common in almost all houses which is why this adhesive is so useful.

However, there are certain materials that it does not work on. Teflon and HDPE plastic are the two materials that Krazy Glue does not work on. Therefore, plumbing is an area where this product won’t help you as much.

Removing Krazy Glue


If it is your first time using the glue pen you might make a few mistakes and end up having the glue stuck to your skin or somewhere unwanted. You then need to remove it. However, with how strong the adhesive is, removing can be difficult.

The two most successful methods are outlined below:

1. Using Acetone

Acetone is a solvent used to remove nail polish. It’s also effective at removing Krazy Glue. Acetone works best before the glue is dry so you need to react fast.

Removing Krazy Glue

Apply acetone to the affected area and begin scrubbing it gently. Acetone will make the glue much easier to remove so you can wash it off.

2. Using Warm Soapy Water

If you don’t have acetone at hand, the next best alternative is warm soapy water. This method can take longer and you need to be patient. First, prepare some warm water and add some detergent or soap.

Apply the water to the affected area. Begin to scrub it with a cloth. After this, the glue will become weak and you can carefully peel it off the surface. If you can’t do this easily, add some more water and scrub for longer before trying again.


We hope that this article has proved to be helpful in showing you how to use Krazy Glue pen. It is recommended to always read the instruction manual of your product before you begin to use it in case there are special considerations.

Be careful when applying as Krazy Glue is quite strong and can be difficult to remove.



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