How to Remove Glue Stick from Glue Gun?

The world of craft doesn’t need people to have much skill and expertise to make something and feel good about themselves. But there is one particular thing that craftwork needs more than anything.
What can it be?

Well, the answer is glue or adhesive. Regardless of what you’re crafting, you’ll need glue. So, what if you want to put in a new glue stick into your glue gun and see that the old one is stuck?

Well, have no fear because we’ll show you how to remove glue stick from glue gun and a lot more. Throughout this article, we have discussed the basics on how you can remove the glue. So, without waiting any further, let’s jump in, shall we?

Glue Guns: In General

So, we’ll start with the basics. Even if you do know what glue guns are, we’d like to clear the whole concept out so that you don’t have any lingering confusion.

Glue guns are an amazing piece of equipment, be it for craftwork or daily work at home. These are small gun-shaped glue dispensers that melt down glue sticks to make them ready for use. They are compact and can be used by most people, but definitely not children.

Benefits of Using a Glue Gun

Using a glue gun can be pretty beneficial and anyone who has used it before knows so. It’s easy to carry and pretty simple to use. Moreover, if you can maintain it properly, it will create little to no mess at all.

So, what’s the main benefit here?

Well, the main benefit of glue guns is that they are versatile. The reason is that you can use this to put together a house appliance and also to make some stick figures.

This kind of versatility makes it a piece of great utility equipment. Especially if you have a kid who keeps breaking stuff. So, if you ask us, we will say it’s pretty convenient.

Now that you know the basics of glue guns, we can focus on the other stuff that comes along with it. So, move on to the next section.

What Is a Glue Stick?

Glue sticks are sticks of adhesive that can be melted to be used for sticking stuff together. It is a very convenient material as it can be kept almost anywhere below a certain temperature since they are hard objects and don’t leave any residue around, unlike other adhesive material.

These glue sticks can be used along with a glue gun as the gun melts the glue stick and prepares the adhesive for use. You can then direct the glue on the surface that you want to use it on by using the gun.

Moreover, glue sticks are a pretty common choice when it comes to crafting nowadays, especially among teenagers. Since this kind of glue is very accessible, they prefer to use it.

Why Use Hot Glue?

Now, we come down to the burning question: why should we even use hot glue? Well, the answer’s pretty simple. We should use hot glue because of how well it works. Meaning, the glue has an amazing bond that doesn’t break that easily.

The reason behind hot glue holding a strong adhesive bond is because it is melted and applied when necessary. Due to the applied heat, the glue has a high viscosity which helps it hold a stronger bond. So, when hot glue is applied to crafted work, they appear to be more durable than the work done with other kinds of glue.

Use Hot Glue

So, that makes your craft a whole lot sturdier and works magic when it comes to making figures. And as a matter of fact, hot glue is used in all kinds of work, starting from something as small as figures made for a hobby up to something as large as professional models.

The reason behind everyone preferring this kind of glue over other kinds is mostly because of its versatility when it comes to the scope of usage.

So, if you’re thinking of making something that won’t break easily or open up in the middle of an important presentation, then we would say that hot glue would be the right call.

Now that we have covered all the basics, let’s see how you can remove a glue stick from a glue gun.

How to Remove Glue Sticks from a Glue Gun?

We have put together 4 steps that you can follow to remove glue sticks from your glue gun. You should be able to get the work done pretty easily by following them. So, here goes:

Step 1: Switch on the Glue Gun

Firstly, you have to switch on your glue gun and prepare it before you start removing the glue stick. Glue guns work by heating glue. So, you can easily use that to your advantage. Simply plug in the glue gun to get the heat going.

Once you pull the trigger and melt the old glue with the heat, the glue stick should become loose. That is the perfect time to pull out the glue stick. But sometimes the glue stick might seem a bit stubborn and won’t come out. For that, you can move to the next step here.

Step 2: Insert Second Glue Stick

Secondly, you have to insert the new glue stick into the glue gun to clear out the residue. This process is pretty easy. At first, if the old glue stick is too stubborn, poke it off using the new one.

How to Remove Glue Stick from Glue Gun

Then, heat up the new glue stick by pressing the trigger to clear out the old glue residue. That should push out the most of it. But, a lot of the time, the nozzle might get jammed due to the old glue drying up. But don’t worry, we are getting to that as well. Now, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Use a Metal Bar to Scrape the Nozzle

Thirdly, get a metal bar to get this step done. As mentioned before, the nozzle might just get jammed due to the residue from the old glue getting dry. Getting rid of that will require the metal bar.

So, in this case, just take the metal bar and start poking and chipping away at the nozzle. This should easily take care of the dried-up glue residue by scraping them away.

You might have to keep doing this for a while depending on how much glue has clogged the nozzle up. Once you are done here, move on to the final step.

Step 4: Wipe the Nozzle and Properly Clean It off

Now that you have scraped the leftover dried glue away, take a cloth or a paper towel and dab it in some rubbing alcohol, as alcohol dissolves glue pretty well.

Then slowly wipe the nozzle off using your paper towel. That should properly clean it as you wipe the rest of the residue off. Now, simply heat up the glue and let it flow to clear out the path. And with that, your glue gun is ready for use again.


While carrying out this process, you should make sure that you don’t touch the nozzle when you heat up the glue. The hot glue might end up burning your hand if you’re not careful enough.

How to Use a Glue Gun?

With the glue gun ready, now we’d like to tell you how you should use this amazing equipment just to clear out any lingering confusions that you might have. So, here goes:

Step 1: Turn the Glue Gun On

Once you have the new glue stick inserted into the gun properly, simply plug in the glue gun.

How to Use a Glue Gun

Now, remember to properly put the glue stick in, otherwise, this won’t work well.

Step 2: Wait for the Glue to Heat Up

Since the gun is switched now, pull the trigger and hold it. The gun should start heating up the glue. Now, this happens really fast, so don’t hold it for too long and stop when you see the glue coming out.

Step 3: Squeeze the Trigger Lightly to get some Glue out

Once you see the glue flowing, you’re good to go. Now, you can start using the glue to get some craft work done.

You should, in no circumstances, touch the glue with your bare hands. It is pretty hot and will catch onto your skin, imminently burning it. So, tread with caution.

Final Words

Glue guns are always an amazing addition to your lineup for crafts and that was what we had on how to remove glue stick from glue gun. We hope that you gained some valuable information from this article that we whipped up.

Now, always remember to use the glue gun with caution and try to keep it clean so that you don’t face any issues. With all that taken care of, we have told you most of the things that you need to know. Now, with glue guns come endless possibilities. So, explore your creativity to your heart’s content.

Now, we value feedback, so please contact us if you have suggestions. Until then, happy crafting!



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