How to Properly Clean Automatic Pool Covers?

Swimming pool owners get more concerned about cleaning and maintaining their pools. However, most of them tend to forget about their pool covers. Since pool covers are expensive, it’s always good to keep them neat to serve you for an extended period. Regular cleaning of the pool covers is among the reliable ways to maintain them.

In this article, you’ll learn how to clean automatic pool covers to keep them in a good state. But before we get into the cleaning process, let’s learn some safety aspects we should adhere to when using the covers.

Safety Tips When Using Automatic Pool Covers

  • The cover should be kept off from children
  • There should be no covers under the pool cover
  • Avoid walking on the pool covers unless otherwise during an emergency
  • Avoid leaving the pool partially opened
  • Consider regular inspections to check for the signs of tears and other forms of deterioration.
  • Remove the keys from the switch whenever it’s not in use
  • Whenever activating controls to open or close the pool, ensure you’re set in a place you see the entire pool area and the cover
  • Ensure everything is out off from the pool before you close it with its cover.

Automatic pool covers need to be checked regularly to ensure they are in an excellent state to serve you for an extended period. You need just minimal effort to ensure all the components of your pool cover are maintained.

You need to clean the entire housing periodically, at least once a year. Ensure water is not prevented from draining out by any debris at large.

What You Should Check On Your Pool Cover

First, you need to periodically spray water, at least once a year to avoid the buildup of debris in the track channel. Besides, always inspect to determine whether all screws are securely in place. In case they become loose, ensure you tighten them back into their place.

You also need to check on your water levels weekly. Unlike other pool covers, high evaporation rates will not affect the cover at all. However, you should ensure the water level is maintained constant all through.

Maintain it slightly above the skimmer point to avoid creating some amount of stress on the tracks, and ropes. Besides, you also need to fix all forms of leaks on the cover to prevent unnecessary stress that will make the system to collapse.

Pool chemicals, extreme temperature, age, and the sun are the factors that cause our pool covers to wear. Therefore, there is a need for periodic inspection of the vinyl fabric to check for signs of wear. The vinyl needs to be in a better state to provide it full protection for an extended period.

What You Should Check On Your Pool Cover

Tears or holes in the vinyl are a sign that it needs to be replaced or repair. Holes allow water to seep up from the pool, thereby posing a safety hazard at large. Get a few patch kits from the nearest store to repair the open holes.

The vinyl is an essential component of the pool cover. You need to prevent it from getting through premature ageing. Always ensure the cover is opened for at least three hours after spraying the water with chemicals to allow the chemical gases to disappear.

The motor is an essential component at large. You also need to maintain it all through to enable it to function effectively. The motor housing needs to be cleaned at least once a year, and always it’s secure. All loose parts should be tightened in place.

During winters, there is a need for extra care for the pool cover, especially if you have a mesh pool cover. In case stitching starts to affect the strength of your pool cover, get the help of a dealer to replace or repair it immediately.

Now, once you’ve learned about the safety tips on the usage of the automatic pool covers, it is better we get an idea about the general cleaning process. We shall learn how to remove the pool covers and step by step how to clean them.

Safety Tips When Removing Pool Covers

  • This is not something that should be done by one individual; you need help from one or two people to hold it from side to side.
  • You should clean your pool cover thoroughly before you fold it.
  • The cover should be folded in an accordion manner. This ensures it’s put back into the pool with ease whenever it’s used.
  • Before you pull it off and store it, you need to get the patch kits and to patch any available hole.

Once you have the tips at your fingertips, you can now safely remove the cover, clean it and store it for future use when it’s required.

Removing The Pool Cover

First, you’ll thoroughly blow off your pool cover and do the same to the surrounding pool deck.

Next, use a spring removal tool to loosen the springs used to attach the cover at the edges. Flip them inwards after removal on the top of the cover. Use a 1/4″ hex key to tighten the anchors.

Now, gently hold one end of the cover and pull it over the pool deck. Your helper should be working similarly on the other side. Fold together the first seam using the other hand an let it sit in the next seam.

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Fanfold the cover from one seam to the other until it’s over. In case there is little debris on the cover, use a hose or leave blower to get them off. Once you complete folding the cover, get it folded into half until it’s of a size that fits into its bag. Allow water on it to dry up before you store it for future use.

Step By Step Guide to Clean an Automatic Pool Cover

Cleaning an automatic pool cover is quite simple. You need to grasp all the involved cleaning steps to get through the process successfully. You don’t need to hire a dealer to clean it for you, follow the steps below to clean the cover like a pro.

Step 1

Before you wash the cover, ensure the level of your pool water is at the center of the skimmer hole. Place the bilge pump on your cover and follow by spraying water, you need to add some mild diluted cleaning agent and spray into the end of the vinyl.

Step 2

Cleaning should be done step by step using a pool cleaning brush. You’ll start by a 5 feet section and repeat the process as you open up the cover. Throughout the process, you will allow the bilge pump sometime to remove all stagnant water on the cover. Do the process until it’s complete.

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You need to clean your pool cover at an interval of three to six months. Besides this, ensure you lubricate all its components with the right lubricant once every season.

This will not only ensure the components are efficiently running but also to prevent them from possible wear and tear. Proper care and maintenance of a pool cover is an excellent investment for it to stay and serve you for an extended period.



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