How to Get Rid of Water Bugs In a Pool?

Swimming pools are the best recreational facilities, especially during summers. However, for your pool to serve you and your family well, there is a need to maintain it always clean. Maintaining your facility doesn’t only entail keeping water fresh, it also needs to be free from any other water animals and insects at large.

Water bugs are found in most swimming facilities, whether maintained or not. While most of them don’t cause any health risks, few types can bite you. You need to get rid of them to make the pool safe for swimmers.

The common types of water bugs are water boatman, springtails, and backswimmers. While they are not poisonous, others can bite. Keep your pool free of water bugs always to avoid such scenarios. Before we learn how to get rid of water bugs, let’s have a hint about the common types of water bugs you will find in swimming pools.

Water boatman

They are small-sized water insects compared to backswimmers. While water boatmen do not bite, they can make your water dirty. They will always pee in the water and thereby making the pool unsafe to use.

The water boatman insects feed on underwater plants, including algae. They are helpful to people who need to get rid of mosquitoes but not to pool water since they feed on mosquito larvae. If you notice such kind of water bugs in your pool, then probably is infested by algae at large.


These are other common water bugs you will find in your pool. Mostly these bugs don’t live in water. They stay in moist environments or near water catchment areas.

These insects are harmless and can occasionally land in swimming pools. The springtails don’t bite. However, they might attack other bugs like the backswimmers, which will, in turn, bite you. The springtails feed on decaying plant materials.

Back swimmers

They are the common bugs that you will find in most swimming facilities around. They are larger-bodied compared to water boatman and springtail. The backswimmers are dangerous; they can bite you.

Therefore, you need to work best to get rid of them all through. The backswimmers feed on other water bugs like water boatmen. If you notice these insects in your pool, then probably the pool is infested with other types of water bugs.

An infestation of water bugs is commonly caused due to poor maintenance of swimming facilities. But then, should you leave it that way? You need to have a safe swimming pool to enjoy your recreational activities.

Therefore, you should get out and look for possible ways to keep the bugs off as fast as possible. You can take care of the situation in your facility without using chemicals. The chemicals in the market might, in some cases, not work to solve the problem as required. Get the help of a specialist in this field to equip you with appropriate methods to use.

The similarities of these water bugs

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Once we have learned little about these water bugs, we need to understand a few of their similarities. This will help us understand how we can get rid of them and prevent them from infesting in our pools. Below are a few similarities these water bugs exhibit;

  • All these water bugs can fly.
  • They can stay in the mud at the bottom of any waters like ponds, streams, and pools.
  • They will come out of water for air; they can’t stay in water for a long time.
  • Both the bugs swim. Back swimmers do it upside down while water boatman right-side up. 

How to get rid of water bugs from your pool:

You need to maintain your swimming pool free from these bugs to ensure you enjoy your recreational activities. To get rid of the bugs from your swimming pool, you need to learn their living way. At times, most people will use chlorine and other shock treatments, not knowing that they aren’t effective at all for such situations. Below are a few tricks to manage an infestation in your swimming pool;

Most of these bugs feed on plant materials in water. The water boatman feeds on algae while the spring tails feed on decayed plant matter. The back swimmers, on the other hand, feed on other bugs. To get rid of these bugs from your swimming pool, you need to clear their food sources.

You need to focus on getting rid of all underwater vegetation like algae. This will make all the bugs feeding on these plant materials like the water boatman and spring tail to disappear and look for places to get food. Since these water bugs are the source of food to back swimmers, they will lack food and disappear. They will disappear to look for other places infested with these bugs.

To deal with spring tails, you should prevent them from landing into your pool. For you to achieve this, you need to ensure that you landscape your garden well. Keep plants around the garden a distance far from the pool. This way, they will not possibly get near the pool.

Places of irrigation or where there is stagnant water are breeding grounds of water bugs. The insects can fly or crawly into the pool. To prevent them from crawling into the pool, you need to add Borax around the decking pool. But then, these water bugs can fly into your swimming pool. So, how can you prevent this?

To prevent flying water bugs from reaching your water, you need to deal with your water chemistry. Maintaining the chemical balance in the water is mandatory for every swimming facility. Once there is balanced water chemistry, there will say nothing that will grow in your water. This way, the bugs won’t find anything to eat, thereby disappearing away.

Forth, there are other ways you can use to get rid of the bugs apart from these. In the market, there are several chemicals explicitly designed for this project. You need to visit your nearest local pool store to get the appropriate option to use. If you lack advice on the options available, you can ask for recommendations or ask an expert.

Lastly, you can employ a simple method to get rid of water bugs from your pool. You always need to ensure all the surrounding lights around the pool are off. At the far end of the pool, place a spotlight directly shining into the water.

Into the pool, add about three teaspoons of liquid dish soap, ensure to add it where the spotlight is shining.

The purpose of the liquid dish wash in this method is to create a barrier to prevent bugs from penetrating the surface to look for air. This way, they will drown and scoop them during the day.

Apart from the above methods, there are other ways you can use to get rid of water bugs. They include;

  • Shocking the pool
  • Covering your swimming facility with an appropriate pool cover
  • Skimming the pool daily

Let’s discuss these points.

Shocking the pool

This is one of the best ways to keep off water bugs and plantations from the pool. In the market, there are quality pool shocks available you can use for this project.

Calcium hypochlorite is the best pool shock you can use to kill everything in the pool. You can apply the pool shock after cleaning the pool, and everything cleared.

Using an appropriate pool cover

There are several pool covers meant to prevent any dirt and water bugs from entering into the water. You should cover your pool whenever it’s not used to prevent them from entering your facility. At night, covering the pool should be mandatory since this is the time most bugs will fly and crawl into the water.

Skimming the pool every day

Skimmer nets are readily available to help you scoop water bugs from your pool. You will use the nets to scoop the bugs and plantations from the surface of the pool. This is an exercise that you need to carry out daily. However, you can use pool covers to prevent the entry of these elements at large.

How to get rid of water vegetation in the pool

Water bugs lay eggs in water vegetation. By eliminating the vegetation, you would have not only destroyed their source of food, but also their breeding ground.

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To get rid of water vegetation, start by balancing your water chemistry. Scrub the sides of your pool to get rid of algae. Complete them by oxidizing them using hydrogen peroxide or any other suitable bleach.

The effective means of controlling algae include copper algaecides, copper ionization systems, and polyguat. They prevent bugs from laying eggs, thereby reducing their numbers.


Maintaining your pool free from water bugs is the best way to make it serve you the best way for an extended time. Always keep the water chemistry balanced to prevent the growth of any water plant.

You also need to ensure to use all effective methods to prevent the entry of water bugs into your pool. Use pool covers always when the pool is not in use. This way, you will maintain it safe for you and your family.



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