How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water?

Swimming pools are great investments worth having at our homes. They are the best enjoyment facilities for you and your loved ones. Even when they are rewarding, they can be very challenging at large.

Swimming facilities need regular maintenance to serve you in the best way possible. Cleaning swimming pools is one way of maintaining them. You need to ensure the water is free of bacteria and all other water microorganisms.

Apart from this, your pool water should always be clear. This way, you would have maintained it safe for use.

A clear pool should be sparkling blue. This is the color your pool should maintain to term it safe for swimmers. Regular usage of the pool will make the water look darker and darker. You need to clean it to maintain its normal sparkling blue color.

In our article today, we shall learn a few elements of a cloudy pool and possible ways to clear a cloudy water pool. Before we can go into our main topic, let’s look at a few essential pool maintenance tips.

Pool maintenance tips

You will always need to maintain your pool to serve you the best for an extended period. Below are a few tips to manage them effectively.

1. Maintaining the required chlorine level

Chlorine in our pools is responsible for destroying bacteria and algae growth. Algae and bacteria are the main elements that make our pools cloudy and unsafe for use.

Therefore, pool owners should always ensure the chemical level in their pools is maintained all through. The required free chlorine amount in the pool should range between 1.0 to 3.0 ppm.

On the other hand, Bromine is another chemical that you can add to the pool to reduce the effects of other disinfectant byproducts. It’s best used in indoor pools since it burns off quickly when exposed to the sun. You should maintain a bromine residue amount of between 2.0 and 3.0 throughout.

2. Water pH

This is also another pool maintenance tip you should look at if you need to maintain your pool clear and safe. Since high levels of alkalinity in water make it cloudy, you need to maintain it at the required levels at large.

The required alkalinity level of your pool water should range between 7.2 to 7.6. High levels of acids, on the other hand, can corrode the metal equipment in the pool. Check on the pH levels of your water twice every week.

3. Check the skimmer basket

Surface skimmer nets are used to remove all unwanted and foreign materials on the surface of the pool. Such unwanted materials are like insects, leaves, and bird droppings. If you need to remove dirt from the bottom of the pool, you can employ a leaf bagger. All these pool equipment should be checked twice a week and all debris emptied.

4. Shock treatment

The pool required free chlorine to kill all foreign elements that might make the water unsafe. This treatment is necessary to break down combined chlorine compounds to ensure that the levels of free chlorine compounds are increased.

The treatment also kill germs in the pool to maintain it attractive and sparkling. You need to carry out this type of treatment once a week.

Key elements for cloudy pool water

Several factors contribute to the cloudy pool water. Cloudiness in a pool is caused by small environmental elements or materials that are suspended in the pool. These particles might be large or even too minuscule to be filtered.

The environmental factors that contribute to a cloudy pool include the rain, wind, and vegetation around your swimming facility. Below are five leading causes of the problem you should learn.

1. Poor filtration and circulation

The filters are meant to bring water into the swimming pool. They need to function well to ensure there is a continuous water flow into and out of the pool. Once they develop problems, the system will result in restricted water flow.

You will always battle with water turbidity issues in the pool all through due to the poorly functioning filters.

2. Improper water balance in the pool

There is a need to maintain the water in your pool always at the required levels. If the water is below the set levels, there is a possibility that calcium carbonate particles will build up. The required amount of chemicals should also always be maintained. Ensure everything is balanced to fight any problem that might arise to make your pool unsafe for use.

3. Water plantations

Improperly maintained pools give room for the growth of water plants like, for instance, algae. Algae will make your water dull and cloudy at large. They will grow at the bottom of your pool and the sides. Once you feel that the pool surfaces are slippery, you have allowed the plants to bloom in your pool.

4. Heavy swimmer loads

Your pool should always be free from human organics at large. A heavy influx of these elements will cause turbidity problems in your pool. This way, your water shall turn cloudy and unsafe for use.

5. Small particles

Other small environmental factors land on our swimming pools every time. They are too small for filters to remove. More and more are swept by the wind into the pool. They will, over time, get collected and make the water cloudy.

Ways to clear up a cloudy pool water

These are the key elements to that a cloudy pool. But then, should we sit back and watch our loved ones swim in such pools? No. We always need to maintain our pools clear and fresh for use. There are various ways we can use to fix a cloudy pool. Below are a few you should learn.

1. Manual cleaning of the pool

Particles in the pool attach themselves to the walls. Therefore, you need to scrub and brush them off using a brush. You can also vacuum the walls; this can be the best way you can employ. Once you are done by scrubbing, open the pump to wash off the scrapped materials out.

Additionally, other robotic pool cleaners in the market will sense where dirt has collected. They will go straight to the points and scrub off the dirt.

2. Shock the pool 

This is another method you can use to clean your pool to attain a sparkling blue color. Chlorine in water is responsible for killing any contaminants and buildups. However, there are other buildups that the normal amount of chlorine cannot wash them off. Through effective pool shocking, every foreign material will be washed off to make the water clear.

3. Use shimmers

Cloudy pools are unsafe for you and your family to swim. If you are still struggling with this problem, worry less, there is a solution for it. The pool shimmers are excellent tools that coagulate all particles that make your pool cloudy. You can get them from your local pool supplies store. You should use a shimmer last, ensure your water is clear then add shimmer.

4. Use of a pool clarifier

Since our filters cannot trap small minute particles, you can get a pool clarifier from your nearest local pool supply store for the job. The clarifiers gather all tiny particles that the filter is not able to pick. They will build them into a bigger particles to make it easy for the filter to pick. You should do this weekly to ensure every foreign material in the pool is removed to make the water clear.

But then, at times you might shock your pool, and still, the pool doesn’t attain a clear look. What should you do if this is the problem you have? Now, if this is the situation, then your filter or pump has issues. These two components are responsible for water circulation in the pool. If the pool is cloudy after shocking, then,

  • Either the pump doesn’t run enough as required every day
  • The filter has clogged, or it’s dirty

If you use a sand filter, you need to backwash regularly to prevent it from clogging. You need to backwash your filter twice a week for it to function effectively. The sand inside also needs to be changed, do this after every three years.

You also need to check the hose power of your pool pump. The power should be maintained at a level that is capable of service the size of your pool. Check your filter and pump regularly to ensure they are correctly working. Once they are functional, you are assured of achieving a clear pool within a day.


Swimming facilities are rewarding investments worth maintaining. They are the best recreational facilities for our families. To ensure that your kids and family members are swimming in clean water, you need to maintain it always clear.

Your pool should also be free from bacteria and germs that might be harmful to you and your loved ones. The tips above and many more can help you fix your cloudy pool and make it conducive for swimmers.



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