How Long Should You Use Eye Massager?

Staring for an extended period at a computer, lack of sleep, and stress will significantly show up as dark circles under your eyes.  So what can be the solution?

Maybe completely ignoring the computer and mobile will help, and all the problems will disappear.

However, it is practically impossible. For bread butter of life, many of us spend our lives in front of computers all day long, which, as a result, increases headaches and eye strain.

The best thing you can use is an eye massager that can help you get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes. People are discovering the advantages of an eye massager for relaxing eye strain and many other reasons.

How long Can an Eye Massager be used for the Best Results?

For eliminating dark circles and eye bags, you should use an eye massager for fifteen minutes daily. This is all caused by poor blood circulation and insufficient sleep. The eye massager gives strength to the eye cells, which clears the wrinkles present around the eyes and calms skin.

For the best result, you should use it every day during bedtime as it does not have any side effects. Eye massagers are compact, so you can carry it anywhere you want.

However, you can use an eye massager at any time of the day even you are on a lunch break. Lie back and experience the magic. One thing you should consider is hygiene.

Always use a clean eye massager as it covers the most sensitive body part. Also, avoid sharing it as sharing with others can lead to an eye infection.

 Types of Eye Massager

There are various types of eye massagers available in the market. You can choose the one that can meet your budget and requirements. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Manual eye massager

Manual eye massagers are perfect for those who want to apply pressure by their hands as they need. These are designed especially for short massage sessions that can effectively work if you massage for a few minutes.

These are handheld and small massagers which you can move around the eye area to benefit the massage. Manual eye massagers are less costly than electric eye massagers available in the market.

2. Heat eye massagers

Heat eye massager uses heat while massaging, which easily opens the pores around the eyes. When you use skin cream, heat eye massager helps it to penetrate the skin, and it will look healthier and soft.  These also help reducing eye puffiness by providing the best eye massage.

When set at 40° Celsius, the heat soothes and relaxes the eyes. The air pressure gives a pain-free massage by increasing blood circulation so they can be healthy naturally.

Manual eye massager

Most of these heat eye massagers come with three modes, such as sleep mode, medium mode, and hard mode. Sleep mode can be used for a gentle massage. The medium mode gives a soothing massage, and for an invigorating massage, you can use the hard mode.

All these modes come with a timer, and thus you can relax for a specific time, and the massager will turn off automatically when the time gets over. Some heat massager also has the option to play soothing music so you can further relax.

This also helps when you are suffering from dry eyes, eye strain, pressure headaches, or sinus pain.

3. Infrared eye massager

Infrared eye massager uses infrared despite the heat; however, it works similarly to a heat eye massager. It helps in improving blood circulation around the eye area and boosts eye vision naturally.

What are the Advantages of Using an Eye Massager?

Eye massager has lots of benefits, and you will love using the eye massager.

Improves Vision

Regular usage of an eye massager improves blood circulation around the eye and provides a healthy and better vision.

Beneficial for Skin

Correct usage of eye massager can open up closed pores, so if you apply any cream, then it will soak deep into the skin. Regular massaging around the eye increases blood circulation and prevents skin aging.

Reduces Pain

Eye strain can lead to headaches. Eye massager can help to relieve eye strain that reduces headaches.  Massage your template and some points all around the face with an eye massager to relax your nerves.

Using an Eye Massager

The pressure on certain points will increase blood flow, and thus pain will reduce automatically.

Improves mood

Some eye massager comes with speakers so you can play soothing and soft music to relax even more. Moreover, some eye massager also incorporates mood lighting that will take you to another level of relaxation.

Studies show that light not only increases vision but also increases the ability to learn efficiently. Switching on the cool mood light, you will feel collected and calm.

Turning on the warm light stimulates the brain instantly and allows flowing the creative juices. You can combine both of these lights and feel the top of relaxation.

What are the features of the Best Eye Massager?

Eye massager comes with a variety of features that make it worth buying. Let us look at different features.


The skin around the eye is tender, so it is important to get an eye massager that can fit properly. A bad fit eye massager can be uncomfortable and will not give you all the benefits of wearing it. Some massagers are adjustable, so get the one that can fit your head.

It is a better option as you can adjust it to give the right touch to your eyes.


Different massagers have different options for massage intensity and heat, along with various other settings. You can control more if your massager has more settings.

You will need to massage with varieties of intensities that can meet your requirements, so choosing the product with different settings will be a good choice.


Music relieves pain, and if it is combined with massage, you will reach a different level of relaxation. However, this might not be available in every eye massager, and it depends on your personal preference if you like the music while massage than buy the one with this feature.

Adding music will make you feel relax so you can check the specifications properly while buying the massager or play soft music with other devices and enjoy massage.


Always check the material from which a mask is made. The eye massager should be made of soft material that is light in weight. Some masks have silicon on edge, and some have soft padding that helps to keep your eyes protected.


Eye massagers are a handy gadget that helps reducing face pain and headaches as well as improves your skin.  There are plenty of eye massager options available in the market, so you can choose the one that meets your requirements while considering your budget.

This device helps you to relax and also improves the health of your eyes. If you experience headaches or any eye discomfort that is caused by eye strain, then an eye massager comes into a role, and you will be satisfied with your investment.

Please do not ignore any pain or discomfort as it can worsen the condition and lead to sleep reduction, which will be problematic for the future.



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