Hayward 925ADC Navigator Pro Suction Pool Vacuum Review

Any person who owns a swimming pool must admit that one of the biggest challenges is maintenance, especially when it comes to cleaning. Cleaning a swimming pool can be an uphill task more so if you don’t have an idea of how to go about it. There are many ways and equipment that people use to clean their pools.

It takes a serious commitment to keeping your pool sparkling clean by doing it two to three times a week. The sacrifice, however, is nothing compared to the relaxation and enjoyment you get when swimming. If you own a swimming pool, you must have noticed that people no longer use manual methods to clean their pools.

There has been a transition to automated cleaning methods, which has made it enjoyable to clean pools. Are you feeling stuck and don’t know which cleaner to use? Then your worry comes to an end with the Hayward Navigator cleaner.

In this review, we are going to discuss the Hayward Navigator pro cleaner. It happens to be among the leading pool cleaners available in the market.

This cleaner boasts various features that make it unique and useful, giving your pool that flawless look.

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  • Over 30 years of proven and reliable suction cleaner technology
  • Unmatched pool coverage with SmartDrive steering
  • Enhanced suction path designed for efficient, faster debris pickup
  • Easy to use, connects in less than 10 minutes, no tools required
  • Wall climbing capability and pool coverage may be affected by specific pool shapes and surfaces. The cleaner may not climb the wall under certain conditions.Silent Operation-no pulsating hoses or noisy parts


  • Silent operation
  • Easy to use
  • Picks up debris easily
  • Easy to install
  • Can Clean a large pool in fewer hours


  • It is expensive
  • Its maintenance is not easy
  • It clogs easily
  • It causes tears and wears on the pools pump
  • Low ability to clean walls


  • Has improved vacuum wings enabling it to pick debris easily
  • It boasts a 40-Foot high flow hose that reduces hydraulic friction
  • It is energy efficient and doesn’t require a booster pump

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Outstanding Features and benefits

1. The well-programmed steering pattern

The Hayward Navigator pro is well programmed to offer the best pool coverage during cleaning. This feature enables the cleaner to cover every area of the pool with less hose tangling.

This technology makes cleaning fast since the machine can move from right to left without difficulties. The feature also ensures that you don’t have to go back to the areas that you have cleaned.

2. Operates Silently

Most cleaners available in the market are noisy, even if the feature is not mentioned during purchase. However, the case is different for the Hayward Navigator since it has an outstanding turbine design to operate silently during the cleaning process. The machine can also do the cleaning on its own while you sit, relax, and watch.

3. Easy to connect

The Hayward Navigator is easy to connect and does not require any tools for connection. It also doesn’t require any programming to keep it working inside the pool. The connection takes less than ten minutes within which you can dip it in the pool, and the cleaning starts.

Frequently Asked questions

#1. Does Hayward Navigator need a booster pump?

No. The reason being the cleaner connects directly to the pressure side of the pool. This fact dramatically cuts down the cost of buying a booster pump. On the contrary, it is not the case for other pool cleaners, which require a booster pump to operate effectively.

#2. Does the cleaner clean every kind of dirt?

Yes. The Hayward Navigator eliminates all kinds of dirt, whether big or small. It boasts a powerful filtration system, ensuring that all dirt is swallowed, leaving your pool completely clean.

#3. Does the Hayward Navigator come with a warranty?

Before any purchase, it is always advisable to discuss the terms of the warranty for the product you desire. Unlike most pool cleaners, the Hayward Navigator comes with a warranty of one year. In case of breakages and breakdowns, you have the assurance of having it fixed.

Users Online Reviews

For many years the Hayward Navigator has continued to receive excellent reviews from the users. Most of these reviews are positive and significantly outweigh the negative ones. The negative ones are from clients who had very high expectations about the cleaner.

As it is normal for any product in the market to face criticism, the case has not been different for Hayward Navigator. Few people still feel it did not give them the worth of their money. On the contrary, a more significant number of people have given their best reviews on the cleaner, affirming that it has become their favorite item.

The positive user exalts its features and admits that buying the Hayward Navigator is the best decision they made. They not only like the features but also the results that leave their swimming pools sparkling and offering a spectacular sight. It is satisfying to see people saying how the cleaner has come in handy to keep their relaxation joints clean.

However, despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, the negative ones continue surfacing slowly. Some users claim that the cleaner spoilt their pools’ surfaces, but this is due to a lack of understanding of how their pool surfaces ought to be handled. Some users also complain that the cleaner does not have enough pressure to pick large debris, but that is not true.

With the many complaints and encouraging positive reviews from different users, it is okay to say that Hayward Navigator pool cleaner remains the best cleaner. This ranking is because of its unique design and easy-to-use features, among others.


The Hayward Navigator is the best option you have if you are considering buying a pool cleaner. It gives you worth for your money and ensures your pool is superbly clean and ready for use. Its easy operation and demand for less energy have made it most people’s favorite pool cleaner.

Additionally, the fact that the cleaner operates silently and has less entanglement of the hoses and cords gives you more reasons to settle for the cleaner. The cleaner is ideal for in-ground swimming pools.

The Hayward Navigator’s popularity lies in its cleaning power and its ability to vacuum any debris inside your pool. The pool cleaner is readily available in the market for your purchase.


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