How to Use Gorilla Glue?

How to Use Gorilla Glue

Have you heard about gorilla glue? It is a popular adhesive for repairing objects or furniture that are made with wood, ceramics, glass, foam, and so on. This has a versatile use around the house and is extremely useful to keep around. You never know when something might break and need to be pieced together, …

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How Long Does PVC Glue Take to Dry?

How Long Does PVC Glue Take to Dry

While regular glues are very useful for joining different household materials, you won’t be able to use them to join PVC. Unless your house wasn’t made back in the medieval era, it certainly has pipes that are composed of PVC. For completing the network of pipes underneath your house, they must be connected to each …

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What Kind of Glue to Use on Leather?

Glue to Use on Leather

There are many reasons why you might need to join leather to something, the most common ones being DIY home projects, DIY crafts projects, or some sort of hobby work. Whatever the reason is, you should know that not any glue you have on hand will work well with leather. If you do not know …

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How to Use a Krazy Glue Pen?

Due to the fast working nature and strong adhesive strength, the Krazy Glue pen is a great pick for office work and DIY projects. Since you can use it with many household materials, many homeowners consider buying or keeping one in their residence. However, to get the best out of this adhesive you need to …

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How to Use Glue Dots?

Glue Dots

Glue dots are a blessing to those who love crafting things every now and then. They are an amazing alternative to hot glue and work magically when it comes to kids. Moreover, it’s also super safe and leaves little to no mess at all. Pretty convenient, right? But what if you don’t know how to …

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How to Use Glitter Glue?

Use Glitter Glue

Any person involved in arts and crafts in any way has worked with glitter at some point. And if you have worked with glitter, you know what a painfully messy thing it can be. Chunks of glitter tend to fly everywhere, create a big mess, and make artwork and cleanup much difficult. This is where …

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How to Remove Superglue from Leather?

Remove Superglue from Leather

When an accident befalls your prized possessions, there is no stopping the heartbreak that comes with it. The agony and emotional frustration can be grueling. That’s when superglues feel like one of the best inventions there is. You can almost feel your heart mending as you put back the pieces together. Call me dramatic, but …

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How to Remove Krazy Glue?

Remove Krazy Glue

Few can match the adhesive power that Krazy glue has to offer. You see, Krazy glues have tons of factors that make them one of the leading brands in the world of adhesives. In this article, you will find all the information. Starting from what they are made of to how to remove Krazy glue, you …

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How to Remove Glue Stick from Glue Gun?

How to Remove Glue Stick from Glue Gun

The world of craft doesn’t need people to have much skill and expertise to make something and feel good about themselves. But there is one particular thing that craftwork needs more than anything. What can it be? Well, the answer is glue or adhesive. Regardless of what you’re crafting, you’ll need glue. So, what if …

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How to Glue Metal

Glue Metal

From time to time, we need to use a little metal in our DIY projects. But it can be impractical to bring out the soldering or welding gun every time, especially if it is a simple task and can be fixed with a little bit of adhesive. Even if you have little to no experience …

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