12 Best Jar Opener For Seniors 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide By An Expert

Have you ever struggled to remove a jar lid? Whether tamperproof, vacuum-sealed, or childproof lid, it is frustrating to try removing a lid in vain. Some lids are just a little sticky but unless you have arm strength, you cannot remove them. When you cannot open a jar with ease, you need the best jar opener to do it.

A jar opener comes in handy for people with arthritis and joint issues among other hand issues. It is also great for the elderly and children. Anyone who cannot generate enough strength to open a jar will appreciate a good jar opener.

Usually, the jar opener helps you with grip and leverage to remove a sticky lid so you can access the contents of the jar.

5 Best Jar Opener For Seniors: Editor Pick’s

This guide arms you with the information you need to choose the best jar opener among the many options on the market. There are many types and designs of jar openers – a fact that can present consumers with a challenge. Read on to learn more.


Best Jar Opener For Seniors Reviews: Top 12 Openers

1. EZ Off Jar Opener For All Jar Sizes

EZ Off Jar Opener For All Jar Sizes
  • THE EZ OFF JAR OPENER WILL OPEN TOUGH LIDS EFFORTLESSLY - EZ Off will grab hold of any lid whether it's factory sealed, child proof, tamper proof or just stuck from what's inside the jar. A simple twist and The EZ Off Jar Opener will deliver
  • OPENS ALL JAR LID SIZES -- Try anything small like a bottle of water, nail polish or a wide container of pickles, peanuts, canned fruits, jams, molasses, marshmallow creme or maraschino cherries
  • INSTALLATION AND OPERATION ARE EASY -- It's easy to install the EZ Off with the pre-attached, peel-and-stick adhesive and the 3 included screws. It's ideal for children, the elderly, those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, those working in kitchens and those with limited use of hands or amputees
  • YOU'LL NEVER KNOW IT'S THERE -- This jar opener hides neatly out of sight under a cabinet, cupboard, counter, or shelf, taking no valuable storage space
  • THE EZ OFF JAR OPENER IS MADE IN THE USA -- The EZ Off is made with premium materials by American workers here in the USA.

The EZ Off 259 is a jar opener designed to open a wide range of jar sizes. You can use this opener irrespective of the size of the jar or the lid. It is ideal for people with arthritis, joint problems, the elderly, and anyone else who would love to open a jar with ease.

To enhance grip when opening a jar, the EZ Off 259 sports a dual V-grip that facilitates fast opening. You can mount the opener beneath your kitchen counter to hide it from sight. This makes it ideal for kitchens with small counter space.

The jar opener is operated manually. However, using it feels virtually effortless. When using, the opener gains a firm grip on jar lids and opening means just a simple twist.

This way, users of all ages will find it easy to use the opener. With its sturdy design, you can neatly hide under the cupboard, cabinet, counter, or shelf so guests do not see it.

The model is easy to install as all you need is to stick it with the pre-attached peel-and-stick adhesive. It also comes with three screws in case you need to screw it to a surface permanently. However, the manufacturer does include clear installation instructions.

Highlighted Features

  • Special V-grip system to accommodate all sizes of jars
  • Mountable design with a peel-and-stick adhesive and screws
  • Compact design to neatly hide under counters
  • Flat and sleek design that doesn’t add clutter in your kitchen

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2. Progressive Prepworks 6-in-1 Multi-Function Jar Opener

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The Progressive Jar Opener makes it easy and fun to open jars of different sizes. Progressive manufacturers have been creating quality products for more than 40 years and this jar opener is one of them. The tool sports an ergonomic and durable design to help you open jars of all sizes with one clean move.

This is a handheld and manually operated tool that maintains a firm grip on jar lids. Though it is manually operated, it provides great leverage when you are opening jars.

The 6-in-1 opener allows you to open pull tabs, safety seals, jar lids, bottle caps, bags, and bottle tops. Besides, the opener sports a hidden blade that you can use to slice open sealed bags.

Each unit sports simple 8-shaped design with one small circle for bottle tops and bottle caps and a larger circle for cans. Using the unit is pretty straightforward. The material of the opener is dishwasher safe.

Highlighted Features

  • Sports a great color with red accents
  • 8-shaped design with a small and a large circle to open lids, seals, and caps
  • Durable construction where all materials are dishwasher safe
  • A hidden blade for slicing open sealed bags

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3. Hamilton Beach Automatic Jar Opener

Hamilton Beach Automatic Jar Opener
4,963 Reviews
Hamilton Beach Automatic Jar Opener
  • Effortless push-button opening
  • Simply place the jar opener on top of the jar and press the engage button
  • Compact for easy storage in a drawer or cabinet
  • Opens a wide variety of jar sizes-no jar is too tall
  • Durable and built to last. Please refer the User Guide and the Instructional video before use.

If you would rather use an automatic jar opener, the Hamilton Beach Jar Opener might be a great choice. This comes in handy for people with arthritic hands, the elderly, and children. You can use it to open a wide range of jar lids between 1-inch and 4 inches.

Irrespective of your hand condition, the fact that this opener is automatic makes it easier for you to open all jars. It sports a simple design that clips on the lid to open it with ease.

Once clipped on the lid, you only need to press a button and the lid will open. There are two buttons on the unit; open the lid and release lid buttons.

Each unit comes with long-lasting materials and a compact design that places it among the best automatic jar opener. The unit runs on a single set of batteries.

With a single set of batteries, the opener can open up to 250 jars – this can last for more than a year for regular jar openers. Out of the box, the opener comes with 2AA batteries allowing you to start using your jar opener immediately.

The Hamilton Beach Jar opener is recommended for its ease of use, simple design, comfort, and its automatic operation. The handheld device is ideal not only for those who cannot generate enough hand strength but also for those who need to open a jar fast.

Highlighted Features

  • Hand-held design
  • Automatic operation with two simple buttons
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Runs on 2AA batteries and opens up to 250 jars with a single set of cells
  • Does not open plastic jars
  • Opens jar lids with diameters between one and four inches
  • Ideal for people with arthritis and hand dexterity
  • Does not open plastic jars
  • Compact design for handheld use

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4. OXO Good Grips Jar Opener

OXO Good Grips Jar Opener
  • Jar Opener base pad keeps jar in place, reducing force required to open jar
  • Sharp, stainless steel teeth grip jar
  • Place it under the jar, slide the Jar Opener over the lid and twist counter-clockwise to loosen.
  • Contoured, non-slip grip for better leverage
  • Jar Opener is dishwasher safe, hand wash base pad

The OXO Good Grips Jar Opener is manually operated but still makes it easy for you to open jars. One of its main features is its base pad while offers you a great hand grip for effortless can opening. It sports a V-design that opens a wide range of jar lids and bottle tops.

This unit is very light at 2.4 ounces making it easier to use. It sports a contoured handle that reduces pressure on your wrist and also reduces the chances of injury.

Because of the good grip and the serrated V-design of the opener, there are no chances of damaging the jar. Its stainless steel teeth are very sharp to maintain a perfect grip on the jar lids. If you need a jar opener that can open plastic lids, this might be a good choice.

The whole opener is dishwasher safe while its base pad cleans easily with normal dish detergent.

Highlighted Features

  • Features sharp stainless steel teeth ideal for metallic and plastic lids and caps
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Opens jars of different sizes
  • Manually operated but with good leverage so minimal force if required
  • Base pad enhances the stability of jars on the countertop

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5. Kichwit Arthritis Jar Opener

Kichwit Arthritis Jar Opener
  • Rust Resistant Jar Opener - This jar opener is made of heavy stainless steel and solid hard plastic handle that will last and not rust. Comes with a free bottle opener key chain that's made of aluminium alloy, which is a bonus.
  • Sturdy and Durable - Suitable for jars with lids between 1” to 3.7” diameter. The jar opener is made of sturdy material and super durable.
  • Easy to Twist - The stainless steel teeth on the clamp grab the edge of the stubborn lid tightly and hold it the entire time you are twisting. Easily opens most jars with a simple twist!
  • Sweet Gift for Those with Arthritis Hands - With this arthritis jar opener, you will no longer have to struggle to open lids any more! Perfect for seniors and those with arthritic hands.
  • Compact Kitchen Tool - This jar lid opener is easy to store and takes up small space in your kitchen drawer. Definitely a must-have kitchen tool!

The Kichwit Arthritis Jar Opener sports a simple design that makes it ideal for arthritic hands. All you need to do is clip on the opener on jar lids between 1 and 3.7 inches. While holding the jar with one hand, twist the handle anticlockwise to open the jar.

This opener comes standard with high-quality materials to last long. Its handle sports an ergonomic design to provide the needed grip when you are removing a lid from a jar.

It makes use of a ratchet mechanism to grip bottles and jars tightly when you are un-lidding them. With its firm grip, you only need a simple twist and the jar will open.

If you are pressed for storage space, the size of this opener will allow you to save space. You can also move around with it. While it is manually operated, those with arthritic hands will find it easy to use – this was the group the opener was designed for. With the purchase of the jar opener, you get a free bottle opener.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel construction with a superior plastic handle enhances durability and comfort
  • Opens bottles and jars between 1 inch and 3.7 inches
  • Accompanied by a free aluminum bottle opener
  • Uses ratchet mechanism to grip jar lids for easy opening
  • Weighs only 5 ounces
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Manually operated with a simple twist
  • Designed for people with hand arthritis and dexterity

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6. Kuhn Rikon Gripper Jar Opener

Kuhn Rikon Gripper Jar Opener
  • Designed to eliminate the struggle and strain of opening household jars and bottles
  • Locks securely onto lids via 3 sets of steel jaws/teeth (attaches by a simple clockwise motion; releases by twisting in the opposite direction) - watch the video to see the opener in action
  • Adjustable mechanism will remove any lid or cap between 1 and 3.5 inches in diameter and is suitable for a wide variety of jars/caps - threaded, smooth-sided and grooved
  • Long handle provides extra leverage for stubborn lids, including vacuum seals (opener is ideal for those with limited strength/mobility in their hands and/or wrists)
  • Easy to clean and store: wipe with a damp cloth (not dishwasher safe) and keep within kitchen drawers or utensil pots (can also be hung via a hole within the handle)

Whether you need to remove smooth sided or grooved jar lids, the Kuhn Rikon Jar opener comes in handy. The tool sports a simple design that makes it easy to open stubborn lids. The whole unit is stain and rust resistant to last long and clean easy.

Even better, it has an ergonomic handle that lets those with arthritic hands or dexterity to open jars with one simple twist.

When opening a jar, clip the opener on the jar lid and then rotate the knob clockwise to tighten the grip. After tightening, rotate the opener anti-clockwise to open the jar.

The ease of use, coupled with the quality materials used to create the opener, makes it ideal for those looking for high-quality openers. The unit is also dishwasher safe making it easier to maintain.

On the handle of the opener is a small hole through which you can hang it after use and reach for it when needed. The white color of the opener complements the interior décor of most other kitchen appliances.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for grooved and smooth lids and caps
  • Opens lids and caps between 1 inch and 3.5 inches
  • Dishwasher safe so easy to maintain
  • Has a hole on its handle for easy storage
  • The plastic construction makes the unit rust and stain resistant
  • Requires minimum effort to open lids and caps

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7. Evriholder Easi Twist Jar Opener

Evriholder Easi Twist Jar Opener
  • PATENTED JAR OPENER - The four size options make it easy to fit practically any size bottle or jar. From ketchup bottles to pickle jars, and apple juice jugs to peanut butter containers, you'll never struggle to unscrew a cap again.
  • WORKS WET OR DRY - Where other jar openers might struggle to open wet containers, the Easi-Twist is ideal for use with wet jars or wet hands.
  • DURABLE & ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The handle is easy to grip and hold and is ideal for those with limited hand strength, hand injuries, or those suffering from arthritis.
  • GRIP, TWIST, & ENJOY - The Easi-Twist is simple to use. Just fit the jar or bottle lid into the appropriately sized opening, grip, and twist.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of BPA-free plastic and rubber. Simply hand wash after every use, and the Easi-Twist will last for years.

If you need a simple and affordable manual jar opener, the Evriholder opener might be your best bet. It has the simplest design among all jar openers on this list. Better yet, it is light during use.

To open a jar, slip on the opener onto the jar lid, press the handle for a firm grip on the lid, and twist the opener anti-clockwise whole holding the jar securely. Its patented design allows it to open jar lids of many sizes.

The rubber lining on the inner side of the opener offers a firm grip when you are opening jars. Its ergonomic and grippy handle further makes it easier for you to open jars.

Better yet, the handle can be extended to produce enough torque to open tight jar lids. The ease of use and the simple design makes this opener ideal for children, the elderly, professional chefs, those with arthritic hands, and anyone else who needs a simple but effective solution.

Highlighted Features

  • Rubber lining for enhanced grip on lids
  • A patented design ideal for use on a wide range of jar lid sizes
  • The handle can be extended to provide better leverage
  • Contoured handle for better grip
  • Colorful design

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8. Swing-A-Way Comfort Grip Jar Opener

Swing-A-Way Comfort Grip Jar Opener
  • DURABLE ALL-STEEL CONSTRUCTION: This can opener is one you can rely on to get through tough can tops effortlessly. The body is constructed out of extremely durable steel.
  • EASY TO USE WITH COMFORTABLE HANDLE: The Swing-A-Way Can Opener features an extra-long crank handle for a better grip; helping take the strain and pain from your hands when in use. The crank folds down, making storage easy.
  • CUSHION GRIP INCLUDED: There are extra-long soft cushion grips for comfortable handling, the ergonomic handles fit any size hands.
  • SMOOTH AND EASY USAGE: The cutting wheel is made of high-carbon and glides easily across the tops of cans. The cutting is smooth and skip-proof making usage easy. A built-in bottle opener is included.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: It is recommended to hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent; rinse then dry immediately.

The Swing-A-Way jar opener looks like a complicated too at first but it is simple and effective. The manually-operated handheld unit sports an ergonomic design that allows it to open caps and lids of different sizes.

To make the jar opener durable, the whole unit is made of stainless steel. You can easily adjust its grip to fit jar lids and caps of different sizes. When the caps or lids are held in position, leverage twisting and its spring-loaded ability make this tool easy to use. If you have limited mobility, you will find this unit easier to use.

The ergonomic design of this jar opener makes it fit on most hands comfortably. Again, its cushioned grips let you open the tightest jar lids without hurting your hands.

Besides the opener, this tool comes fitted with a high carbon cutting wheel and a skip-proof feeder that lets you slice through bags with ease. Better still, the tool also features a built-in bottle opener to give you more value for your money.

Although the unit has a firm grip, it can open plastic lids without causing any damages to them. Lastly, the unit is dishwasher safe making it easy to maintain.

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable grip from half-an-inch to five inches
  • Spring-loaded power for smooth operation
  • Easy to store in small spaces
  • Opens both metallic and plastic jar lids
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Accompanied by a high-carbon cutting wheel for bags
  • Features a built-in bottle opener

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9. Black & Decker JW200BM Jar Opener

Black & Decker JW200BM Jar Opener
  • Electric jar opener that easily releases vacuum-sealed lids
  • Simple operation, adjustable height, and large release button
  • Ideal for anyone needing a stronger grip
  • Fits jars up to 4-1/2 inches in diameter and 8 inches high
  • Measures 8-1/2 inches wide by 7-3/4 inches deep by 10 inches high

The Black & Decker JW200BM Jar Opener might as well pass for the best electric jar opener. You can give it a try if you are looking for an automatic opener that doesn’t need you to apply any effort to open a lid. You can use this tool to open metal and plastic jars of a wide range of sizes.

One of the main features of the Black & Decker JW200BM Jar Opener comes with adjustable height that lets you customize it for use on varied jar sizes.

It opens all tight jar lids and also extends its operation to vacuum-sealed lids. The tool is easy to use; you only need one hand to press its large release button. To use, adjust its height and diameter to the height and diameter of the jar you need to open.

It accommodates jars of up to 8 inches in height and up to 4.5 inches in diameter.

If you have arthritis, weak hands, or you just need to open jar lids the easy way, you can try this tool. However, while it opens different sizes of lids effortlessly, it is not ideal for tall jars with narrow necks. When not in use, the opener collapses into a small size for easy storage.

Highlighted Features

  • Electric operation requires no hand effort
  • Collapsible design for easy storage
  • Adjustable height and diameter to suit jars of varied sizes
  • Opens jars of up to 8 inches in height and 4.5 inches in diameter
  • Ideal for those with hand arthritis and dexterity

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10. Meyuewal 5-in-1 Multi-Function Jar Opener

Meyuewal 5-in-1 Multi-Function Jar Opener
  • ERGONOMICS & SKIDPROOF DESIGN: Ergonomic Design for handling easily and offers a firm grip between opener and lid/hand. Nonslip handles ensure safety even when wet, ideal jar openers for weak hands
  • WIDE APPLICATION: 2 pcs of bottle openers for different types of bottle caps, bottle tops, jar lids, bean cans, covers of the pickle bottles, caps of the sodas & soft drinks. The openers are extremely durable under any circumstances in your kitchen, easy for storage
  • EASY TO USE: Place the opener on the lid in the right size, turn it around and easily open the seal, or pull it with the lid opener, it won't slip and save effort. Moreover, it makes us avoid the risk of using a knife to open the lid and lower the chance of hurting.
  • REMOVE MORE CAPS AND LIDS: This lid remover is a versatile 5-way opener. A heavy duty helper opener is added to make it more powerful. The rubber jar opener can work as a bottle gripper opener, soda bottle opener, and other opener tools
  • LABOR SAVING: Easy twist jar opener. This opener makes your life so much easier. It is lightweight and grips so perfectly. A must-have kitchen gadget that will replace a handful of bulky tools.

If you have weak hands, this jar opener might be a great solution for you. It has great ergonomics and a skidproof design for easy handling.

The design also provides a firm grip between the opener and the lid and between the opener and hand. Its non-slip handles ensure you open lids without hurting your hands even when you have wet or weak hands.

The 5-in-1 jar opener can be used to open a wide range of bottle sizes including bottle caps, bottle tops, jar lids, pickle bottle covers, bean cans, and caps of sodas and soft drinks. The manually operated jar opener is extremely durable thanks to its high-quality construction materials.

This opener is designed easy to use; just slip it into the lid or cap in the right size and twist it to open the jar. The firm grip ensures that the opener does not slip; this reduces the chances of your hands hurting in the process.

On the jar opener, a heavy-duty helper opener is attached to add to the power of the jar opener.

Highlighted Features

  • Highly ergonomic design for ease of use
  • A firm grip between the opener and hand/lid
  • High-quality construction to last long
  • Opens a wide range of caps and lids
  • A heavy-duty opener added for powerful operations

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11. The Grip Jar Opener

The Grip Jar Opener
  • SUPERIOR GRIP, NEVER SLIPS: our original v-grip design forms a wedge between the lid and The Grip’s strong dual carbon steel teeth to easily open the most difficult jar lid or bottle cap with no effort.
  • ORIGINAL: our grandfather invented the under cabinet jar opener in 1977. Now third generation, it’s still proudly MADE IN USA and still family owned and operated.
  • NO PAIN OR STRAIN: The Grip makes life easier because it doesn’t require both hands to open anything, avoiding unwanted stress on your joints to make life in the kitchen more simple and easy. Especially if you experience discomfort from arthritic or weak hands.
  • ANY SIZE, EVERY TIME: open any lid up to 6 inches. Wide pickle jars, vacuum sealed spaghetti lids, water bottles, nail polish and even child proof medicine caps - The Grip easily opens them all!
  • EASY INSTALLATION: installs in minutes. Simply peel the twin-sided tape, place under cabinet or counter, mount securely with three screws (provided), and you’re all set.

Do you need a mountable jar opener? If you do, the Grip Jar Opener is one of the two openers on this list that might meet your needs succinctly. This tool features simple V-design with steel teeth on one side of the V for a firm grip.

The V-design also makes the tool ideal for jars of different sizes. The tool sports a simple design with high-quality materials to last long and to withstand the most stubborn lids.

You can open varied jar sizes from the smallest nail polish bottles to large tomato sauce jars and marshmallow crème jars. The 4.8-ounce jar opener is recommended for use for people with hand problems, in commercial kitchens, operating rooms, and dental labs among other places.

Installing the jar opener under cabinets or countertops is easy. All you need to do is peel off the adhesive and press it on the surface. You can also screw it in place to make it sturdy.

The compact size of the jar opener lets it take small storage spaces under your countertop. Again, the size allows it to stay neatly hidden.

Highlighted Features

  • Mountable design
  • Opens a wide range of jar sizes
  • High-quality plastic construction with carbon steel teeth
  • Easy to use

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12. Leifleit 031031 Jar Opener

Leifleit 031031 Jar Opener
  • STAINLESS STEEL multi-functional jar and lid opener with wide set handles
  • EXTRA-WIDE OVAL SHAPED HANDLES offer a more comfortable use; ideal for seniors or those with arthritis
  • GRIPPING TEETH attach firmly to lids and securely remove it
  • DISHWASHER SAFE so it's easier to clean up
  • 11 x 5.75 x 0.25 inches

The Leifleit 031031 Jar Opener might be a great choice judging from jar opener reviews online. It features a design that looks like a can opener and one that looks easy to use.

The jar opener feels heavy but that is because of its strong and durable stainless steel construction. Its handle comes with an ergonomic design that offers a form grip when you are un-lidding jars and bottles.

You can open jars and bottles of varied sizes thanks to the hinged design of this tool. On its mouth, stainless steel teeth grip and hold jar and bottle lids so you only apply a little force when you are opening lids.

The Leifleit 031031 Jar Opener weighs 5.6 ounces. It sports different sections ideal for jars and tubes of different sizes. The stainless steel material is not only durable but also blends perfectly with different kitchen decors and with other kitchen appliances.

It is recommended for commercial use in bars and kitchens and also for home use.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel construction for durability
  • Features an extra handle for added leverage
  • Ideal for varied jar, tube, and bottle sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • Hinged design with different sections to hold jars of different sizes
  • Weighs 5.6 ounces

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Select Jar Opener

Why Do You Need a Jar Opener?

Is a jar opener only handy for people with hand problems such as arthritis and dexterity? Does a person with a healthy hand need a jar opener?

In most cases, jar openers are marketed to the elderly, those with hand problems, and children. Some are marketed for commercial use. However, a jar opener is a handy tool in every home, in every kitchen, and bar.

Whether your hands are healthy or weak, you will find it easier to open jars with a jar opener. Better yet, some jars are stubborn even when your hands are in perfect health and strength.

There are different ways to open jars but most of these will not work with stubborn jars. Sone of the methods that you might try, such as using hot water for plastic jars, are not safe.

Exposing plastic materials to heat will lead to the release of BPAs which can contaminate the food inside jars. Glass jars, on the other hand, might crack if you put them in hot water or become slippery and more difficult to unlid.

Using a jar opener, whether manually operated or automatic, is a safe method of opening jars. Below are a few benefits you will enjoy when you choose the best jar opener.

  • Handy: You do not need special skills to operate a jar opener, whether manual or automatic. The tools come with a simple design where you just slip it on jar lid and twist. Though the designs of jar openers are different, manufacturers always offer simple instructions for you to follow.
  • Safe: A jar opener does not interfere with the contents of the jar like the traditional hot water method does. Again, if you use hot water, the jar might get slippery or crack and injure you.
  • Spend Less Time Opening Jars: No one wants to struggle with slippery hands and a jar. Jar openers are convenient, have a great grip and are easy to use. Instead of using your energy for more than a minute, use a jar opener and twist a jar open in a few seconds.
  • Carry it Around: You can use a jar opener anywhere in your house, with an exception of mountable openers. If you have a party in your backyard, you can carry the opener.
  • Compact Designs: A jar opener takes only a small space in your storage space. Small handheld models come with a hole or handle for hanging while large automatic models are collapsible for easy storage.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Jar Opener

How weak or strong are your hands? Are your hands sick that they cannot twist a jar opener?

Handheld manual openers are so common but if you cannot operate them, then you can consider an automatic model. There are different types and designs of jar openers to meet your needs. Below are factors to consider when shopping.

The Type of Jar Opener

Jar openers come in various types based on their designs and mode of operation. The best jar opener will depend on your needs. Here are the common types:

  • Classic Openers: These are jar openers that feature an adjustable lever design. They are operated by clamping them onto a lid and then twisting them. These units do not take up a lot of storage space and they are ideal for use on a wide range of jar and bottle sizes.
  • Wall-mounted Jar Openers: Most mountable jar openers sport a plastic construction and they easily attach beneath your cabinet. They have a V-shaped design with stainless steel teeth on one side of the V for a firm grip. You might require two hands to open a jar.
  • Grip Bands, Pads, and Cones: These are the simplest jar opener designs – they provide you with a better grip to open a can. The openers feature rubber or silicone. They might take a little more space in your drawer but they are the most affordable of all openers. If you have healthy hands, these openers might work well for you. If your hands are weak or you have arthritis, these openers need more hand strength and may not work well for you.
  • Jar Keys: Jar Keys remove vacuum-sealed lids by breaking the seal so you can twist the seal with much ease. Some automatic jar openers also remove vacuum-sealed lids. These jar openers work the same with bottle openers but they do not cause any damage on the lids. The units do not need much storage space.
  • Twist-Handle Jar Openers: If you suffer from arthritis, twist-handle jar openers are your best option. The openers feature a ratchet-like grip that holds the lid tightly with a clamp and all you have to do is twist the handle of the opener. You only need a little hand strength to open the jars but you also need your other hand to hold the jar.
  • Clamp-and-lock Openers: These are simple jar openers featuring an extended handle for leverage and a triangle-shaped head that enclosed the lid when the tool is in operation. You can tighten the head of the opener around the lid with a crank for a tight grip. Use the handle to twist the cap/lid open.
  • Automatic Jar Openers: Tired of twisting jars open? An automatic jar opener does not need you to twist it. Slip it on the jar lid and press a button to release the lid. Some models are small and handheld while others have a compartment where you place the jar. TheseThese openers are ideal for people with very weak hands or anyone who needs more convenience opening jars.

Manual vs. Battery Powered vs. Electric Jar Openers

Manual openers are more popular than battery and electric-powered models. Looking at automatic jar opener reviews, you might prefer battery or electric-powered models. However, manual openers are more affordable and are as efficient as automatic models.

The manual opener requires you to apply a little energy when opening a jar. They offer you a firm grip and leverage so you can open a jar with ease. If you need an affordable opener that saves your energy bills, a manual unit is ideal.

Electric and battery-powered models rely on electricity or batteries to work. You do not have to use any energy to operate the units as all you do is press a button.

Electric Jar Openers

However, you will need to buy batteries or plug then in when you need to use them. These units are ideal in commercial settings thanks to their ease of use and fast jar opening speeds.

Some models will come with batteries while others require batteries out-of-the-box. If you decide to go with a battery-operated model, pick one that comes with batteries and one that is power efficient – it should at least 200 bottles before you can replace the batteries.

Electrically powered bottle openers are mostly used in commercial settings. They are comfortable and a great pick when large volumes of bottles and jars need opening. These models are relatively pricey. Again, you cannot use them in cases where power goes off.

Which Types of Jars will You Be Opening?

Some jar openers only un-lid on type of jars while others un-lid varied jar and bottle types. The design of the best jar opener will allow you to open almost all types if jars.

However, even the best opener has limitations on the diameter of the jar lid. Some units open glass jars perfectly but fail in opening plastic jars as they damage the lid. To ensure you have the right jar opener, take your time and go through the specifications of the jar opener.

Consider the most common types of jars you will open or choose a multi-function tool.


How durable is the jar opener you are buying? Jar openers are made of either stainless steel, tough plastic, rubber, silicone, or a mix of these materials. Jars are hard and as such, your opener needs to be tough to handle the pressure and stress of opening one.

The material used in the construction will determine how long the opener will last with stainless steel openers lasting the longest.

While plastic models cost lower, they last relatively shorter. If you decide to go with a plastic unit, ensure that the plastic is hard and strong to open jars efficiently and last long.


How much space do you have to store the jar opener? If you have a storage problem, choose a jar opener that will fit in the exact storage space you have. You can also pick openers with a hole or handle that allows you to hang it on a wall.

This way, it will occupy less space. You can also pick collapsible models that occupy much less space when not in use. If you will be using the jar opener outdoors most of the time, you can buy a bulky one.


If you have health issues such as arthritis or hand dexterity, you might not want to or may not be able to handle a heavy jar opener. As such, lightweight openers come in handy for people with heathy issues. Again, if you use the opener a lot, you might need one that is light and highly portable.

Handle Design

The design of the handle determines how much grip a jar opener has. If the handle is poorly designed, it will put a lot of stress on your hand and this might force you to use more force.

When buying a jar opener, consider one with rubber grip or one that has a contoured handle for more grip. An ergonomic handle is comfortable and feels secure. A longer handle offers a better grip and better leverage to un-lid a jar.

Ease of Maintenance

To lengthen the operation life of your jar opener, you need to keep it well maintained. If your tool is challenging to maintain, it will require more time and attention to clean.

Before you buy a jar opener, ensure that it is dishwasher safe for easy regular cleaning. If the unit is not dishwasher safe, ensure it does not have crevices that are challenging to clean.


A warranty protects you from manufacturer faults while you still have your jar opener. The warranty period varies from one manufacturer to the next. A longer warranty period guarantees you the quality of the jar opener.

Again, ensure that you read the terms of the warranty before a longer-period warranty entices you.

Frequently Answer Questions

#1. How do I tell the best jar opener from the rest?

A good jar opener should operate as the manufacturer describes, should be easy to use and maintain, should allow you to un-lid different sizes of jars effortlessly, and should sport an ergonomic design to un-lid even the most stubborn jars.

#2. Can children use jar openers?

Jar openers are great for kids seeing that most of them do not have the hand strength to open difficult jars. If you are buying these openers for kids, stick to easy to use rubber or plastic models. This way, you do not have to worry about your kids hurting themselves with the openers.

#3. Can you use jar openers for soda and beer bottles?

The best jar opener can open bottle caps and tops from beverage bottles. However, if the bottle comes with a non-twist cap, you will need a bottle opener.


You do not need help opening jars when you have a jar opener. Again, you do not have to use hot water to open jars as the water can make the jars slippery and may even produce BPAs from plastic jars.

Jar openers reduce the stress on your hands when you are opening jars. Jar openers are reliable and safe. All you need to do is choose the right jar opener.

With so many jar openers in the market, it might be challenging for you to pick the right unit. However, if you understand the different types of jar openers as discussed above and then you consider your needs, it will be easy for you to pick a unit that suits you.

If you are not sure which best jar opener above is good for you, choose a multi-function tool that is easy to use. again, your budget will influence which bottle opener you go for – grip openers are the cheapest while electric openers are the most expensive.


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