10 Best Goat Milker For 2021 – A Review of Standout Products

Dairy goats are habitual animals. They dislike surprises. When you switch from hand- to machine-milking, it can be a pain.  But then again, as your herd grows, it becomes necessary to own milking machines.

Milking can be enjoyable as long as your dairy goat isn’t nervous, unhealthy or breeding. Your animal can be sensitive to environmental conditions. Besides, younger than older goats have more sensitive udders.

Thus, older animals are more resistant to new routines than younger animals because their teats and udders are irregular and sore.

5 Best Goat Milker: Editor’s Choice

Dairy goats need to accustom to the noise of the vacuum pump and the ticking sound of the pulsator. If you use the wrong milking machine, she may withhold the milk because of irritation and discomfort.

Moreover, it takes time for your animal to adapt to a new routine. Read on to learn how to select the best goat milking machine for your needs.


10 Best Goat Milker Reviews:

1. CO-Z 25L Portable Milking Machine

CO-Z 25L Portable Milking Machine
  • STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Stainless steel construction in polished finish, made to last with superb sturdiness and ultimate rusty-free performance
  • HIGH PULSATION FREQUENCY FOR ULTIMATE MILKING EFFICIENCY: Pulsation frequency of the L80 pneumatic pulsator can reach 60-80 times per minute, maximizing your milking efficiency
  • LIGHTWEIGHT WITH 25L MILK TANK: 25L (6.6 gallons) milk tank provides large volume for dairy work, the lightweight material makes it easy to transport and clean
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY WITH FOOD-GRADE RUBBER: Food-grade rubber ring ensures perfect sealing and chemical-free using experience, safeguarding the health of you and your loved ones
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS & UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: perfect for dairy farms and milk product plants. Compatible with almost all kinds of vacuum pumps. Vacuum pump not included

CO-Z is a brand of choice if you’re looking for not only fast times but also complete milking. When a pneumatic activates the valve, the teat cup liner opens and closes the teat duct as often as 60 to 80 times every minute.

With a decent pulsation ratio of 3:2 (60/40), you can count on the best portable goat milking machine to let down milk fast and maintain a healthy udder. You don’t just benefit from fast milk let-down. The normal vacuum range ensures residual milk flows from the udder sinus.

With a claw bowl volume of 240 ml, the capacity is adequate to let in air to maintain working vacuum levels in the teat cups. And the milking cluster weight is neither too big nor too small. And so, you won’t have to worry about incomplete milking and accidental slipping of cluster units.

Stainless steel makeup of the teat cup shell and claw ensures corrosion resistance and durability. Fewer alternatives are better when you breed goats who give you high milk flow rates.

While the high tension liner gives you fast milking, it can injure the teat if the milk flow rates are inconsistent. To avoid that, CO-Z provides you with tools to estimate the range of teat sizes on your dairy goats. Thus, you can select liners whose mouthpiece depth and barrel diameter match the teat size.

 Highlights Feature

  • Stainless steel shell and claw
  • Food-grade rubber liners
  • Pneumatic activates the pulsator
  • 240 ml claw bowl volume
  • Lightweight milking bucket
  • 3:2 pulsation ratio
  • Working vacuum levels

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2. Dansha Farms Milk Machine

Dansha Farms Milk Machine
  • Made in the USA by a Veteran Sealed Milker, Safe on the animal,
  • Portable, fast shipping, Direct Phone service, Product videos
  • Easy To Clean, simple not like complicated expensive milkers
  • Fast and Simple
  • Inexpensive

If you’re looking for an efficient and hygienic tool, you can rely on Dansha Farm’s pulse kit. The last thing you want is having a ring, discoloration or soreness on the teat of your does.

The Old Faithful is the best goat milker – you require neither electric nor pneumatic power to activate the vacuum valve! All you need to do is to squeeze the pump – and voila! The pulse kit works by squeezing and releasing the udder until milk let-down reduces.

Food-grade rubber lining covers the inside of teat cups, short tubes, and pulses. Polyurethanes attach to the nylon tube connectors to give air-tight connection.

And so, vacuum fluctuations that often cause mastitis and discomfort don’t arise. Instead, the air-tight connection ensures proper air and vacuum admission through the nipple on the plunger.

As a better alternative to hand-milking, you don’t have to worry about developing cramps on your fingers and palms. The popularity and fame of the milking kit among people with arthritis and Carpal tunnel syndrome aren’t in doubt.

Whilst the milking machine is worth every cent, you don’t have to break your bank.

Furthermore, you can save yourself from the labor and time more so if you’re not an expert. With syringe-like teat cups, the milking kit is one of the lightest, time-efficient, and cost-effective apparatuses you’ll ever come across in the market.

 Highlights Feature

  • Piston-like teat cups
  • Food-grade rubber liners
  • No need for electric or pneumatic power
  • Air-tight polyurethane connectors
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

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3. Hantop Portable Electric Milking Machine

There’s no better place to start looking for the best electric goat milkers than Hantop. Perhaps your concern is to minimize damage to the doe’s teats.

Or, perhaps you want to accustom your dairy goats to a consistent simulation of the different hands of the milkers you have employed. Perhaps the teat ends of your does aren’t smooth.

Whatever your needs are, low pulsation ratio and frequency are the exact antidotes for your problems. Hence, you require a low-tension silicone liner for slow and gentle milking. Hantop’s piece of technology provides that. Food-grade silicone makes up the teat cup liner.

And if you thought Hantop isn’t a tough product, you’re wrong. With a stainless steel shell, you can rely on the milking machine to last long. Holes on the mouthpiece of the liner prevent vacuum above the teat from rising to harmful levels.

But the range of working vacuum levels is wide. And so, you can increase the milk flow rate by increasing the liner vacuum level to not more than 58kPa. The bore of the teat cup liner has a diameter of 20 mm. Hence, the tension in the barrel is low.

The total cluster weight is 1.6 kg. And so, stripping levels are high. As a result, milking may be incomplete. What’s awesome, though, is that Hantop is generous to give you a 30-day money-back guarantee if the results disappoint you. You also enjoy a full-year warranty.

 Highlights Feature

  • Food-grade silicone liner
  • Lightweight milking cluster
  • Narrow-bore barrel diameter
  • Low-tension silicone liner
  • Stainless steel shell
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Full-year warranty

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4. Dansha Farms ½ Gallon Electric Milk Machine

Dansha Farms ½ Gallon Electric Milk Machine
33 Reviews
Dansha Farms ½ Gallon Electric Milk Machine
  • Made in the USA by a Veteran, 12 Volt DC Motor, Safe on the animal, simple
  • Use Included Power Supply That Plugs into any 120 volt USA or 220 volt Euro Outlet
  • Easy To Clean, fast shipping 5 star customer service, Direct phone service, Help with first time milkers
  • 60 Ml Standard and 35 Ml Small Teat Cups Included
  • Easy to Clean, Sealed System

If you care so much for hygiene, this electric milk machine is the right choice. But it doesn’t stop at cleanliness and sanitation. Dansha Farms is full of mystery and surprises.

With simplicity like no other, it’s easy to fall for this milker if hand-milking isn’t your thing. And so, people with hand injuries, arthritis or Carpal tunnel syndrome will find joy and enjoyment when using the electric milker.

A 12-volt battery powers the vacuum pump. What makes Dansha Farms stand out is their use of polyurethane to maintain working vacuum levels in the teat cup. This chemical provides an air-tight seal for the piston-like teat cup.

You can be sure your doe will be comfortable when you milk fast. All you need is to draw the piston to create a vacuum and then squeeze and release the udder. You stop the process when the milk flow rate decreases.

You can tell the milk flow because the claw is transparent but it doesn’t mean metering is absent. When you want to change milking buckets, a shut-off valve is present. And if your goat withholds the milk with intention and anger, you can rely on this piece of technology.

You can be sure your goats will love this machine because the massage on the teat is like no other. Your animal would love the look, taste, and smell of this machine. But Dansha Farms have kept from us what makes the pulsator desirable for dairy goats.

 Highlights Feature

  • Air-tight polyurethane seal
  • Piston-like teat cup
  • ½-gallon milking buckets
  • Battery-power vacuum pump
  • Shut-off valve present

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5. Futt Electric Pulsation Milking Machine

Futt Electric Pulsation Milking Machine
  • 💎 This machine has pulsation function. The sucking cup can simulate the feeling of hand milking. Once moved and sucked, the animal does not feel any pain, and can also play a massage or so.Is our unique patent product!【We suggest that after you get the machine, put two thumbs in the milking cup to test whether the machine works. It should be noted that both thumbs and sheep breasts need to be as close as possible to the milking cup in order to work properly.】
  • 💎 Food grade Silicone Milk lining Healthy and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, soft and comfortable, it has a certain massage effect on cattle and sheep, so that cows and sheep can be squeezed out under comfortable conditions.【After the latest upgrade, the machine has the function of filling and self stopping. Principle: after the milking bucket is full, the white float ladle is lifted up to block the air inlet so as to achieve the effect of full suction and self stop.】
  • 💎 Anti-negative pressure storage tank, meet household needs.Food grade silicone hose Low temperature resistance, no hardening, easy to clean.(Please note that the milk bottle should not be filled too full and it need a little more space to prevent motor damaged by water)
  • 💎 The main engine of the product is equipped with high-power pump, which can work 24 hours continuously, with exhaust holes, so as to facilitate the heat dissipation of the main engine. Even if milk is inadvertently sucked into the vacuum pump, it can be discharged through the exhaust holes to protect the vacuum pump from short circuit.
  • 💎Important Notice:【We recently launched a super pulsating milking machine, all free upgrades! (See Figure 2, pulsating vacuum pump is bigger and stronger! Fully upgraded shell material, better heat dissipation, very strong pulsation frequency!) Animals are more comfortable and safe! If you want to watch the video of Super Pulse Milking Machine, please contact us! The latest super pulsating milking machine will definitely shine in your eyes!】

Your dairy goat will always look forward to the next milking session with this machine. She won’t be able to tell the difference between a gentle hand-massage and its simulation. You get the value you’re looking for when your doe is happy and comfortable.

Electricity activates the valve that admits air and vacuum into the pulsation chamber. Futt has found a way into the heart of even the most difficult-to-milk goats. Perhaps what makes Futt darling is the food-grade silicone liner that contributes to the gentle massage.

Low-tension liner aids in slow but gentle milking because it applies low pressure on the teat end. While slow milking can be a pain, that’s not the case with one of the best cow milking machinesYou can also count on barrel diameter and mouthpiece depth to be a comfortable match for the teat.

If the vacuum above the teat increases, milking safety and efficiency would reduce. And so Futt has perforated the mouthpiece to admit the atmosphere when vacuum increases.

A higher-power vacuum pump expels more air. Thus, even if the cluster units fall during milking, vacuum recovery is fast because the pump capacity is adequate.

And the manufacturer built it to survive hundreds perhaps thousands of milking sessions. Aluminum alloy and stainless steel make up the shell and claw. The weight of the milking cluster is just right so you can be sure of complete milking and units don’t fall off.

 Highlights Feature

  • High-power electric vacuum pump
  • Massage-inducing pulsation function
  • Food-grade silicone liner
  • Aluminum alloy and stainless steel body
  • Fast vacuum recovery
  • High mouthpiece with vents

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6. Happybuy Electric Milking Machine

Happybuy Electric Milking Machine
  • MAIN PARAMETER - Electric milking machine-Perfect for:Cows&Goats;10-12 Cows/hour;Pulsation frequency:64/min;Milking Bucket Volume: 25L.Voltage: 110V/60Hz;Power Fitted: 0.55 KW; Motor Speed: 1440rmp/min
  • WORKING CAPACITY-64 pulsation times,64 pulsation times /min, this single cow milking machine can milk 10-12 cows per hour
  • 4 HEAVY DUTY CASTER WHEELS-Large heavy duty wheels-easy to move around; labor and time-saving, makes the milk cleaner and better quality
  • EASY TO MANOEURE-The milking machine is easy to operate,just plug in and the motor does all the rest work,it’s easy to move with casters
  • WIDELY USED-The milker is designed to milk the cows or goats,it’s simple to operate and maintain,reduce the labor intensity of the milking,widely used in small farms and home use

Perhaps what separates Happybuy from other milking machines is its high-capacity vacuum pump. Driving the exhauster is an electric motor that rotates with the highest speed possible – 1440 revolutions per minute. No vacuum pump can match this air expulsion capacity. And this capacity is more than you need to connect more than 20 cluster units.

With a power rating of 0.55 kW, the pump expels just under 280 liters of air per minute. The teat cup liner opens and collapses on the teat 64 times per minute.

And because the pulsation rate is more than 60 cycles, the ratio is ultra-wide. You will benefit from fast milk let-down. But then, when the liner opens for long, the udder health may suffer even though does would be comfortable during milking. Stainless steel shell and claw make for a durable piece of equipment.

While Happybuy isn’t one of the most portable milkers, two heavy-duty caster wheels compensate for the weakness. You can rely on one of the best cow milking machines to serve between 10 and 12 cows per hour. The milking cluster weight is heavy, though. Expect the units to slip and fall during milking.

Furthermore, Happybuy hasn’t revealed whether rubber or silicone constitutes the teat cup liner. So, you need to consult the manufacturer to know not only the teat size that gives a comfortable fit but also the risk the liner poses for mastitis and hyperkeratosis.

 Highlights Feature

  • High-capacity vacuum pump
  • Highest electric motor speed
  • Stainless steel body
  • Ultra-wide pulsation ratio
  • 0.55 kW power rating
  • Heavy-duty caster wheels

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7. Yosoo Portable Electric Milking Machine

While not in the high-end spectrum of the best goat milking machineYosoo is awesome, regardless. The equipment is simple and ultra-light. Nor is it powerful and expensive. All you need is to plug the vacuum pump to a source whose voltage ranges between 100V and 250V to power the whole system. But the motor requires 12V to rotate.

As mysterious as Yosoo’s material makeup of the teat cup liners, it is difficult to tell tension levels. You’d need to consult the manufacturer to estimate the best-fitting barrel diameter and mouthpiece depth. And because it’s lightweight, you may not complete milking.

Yosoo didn’t build the equipment to last. And so, expect breakdown after a couple of milkings. Plastic constitutes the shell of the teat cup even though stainless steel makes up the vacuum pump body.

And whilst pulsation function is present, it’s difficult to tell the ratio and frequency. You can’t tell the risk for mastitis and damage to the teat end (hyperkeratosis).

It’s unclear whether the claw and mouthpiece have air bleeds to counter dramatic vacuum changes and milk overflow. And when the vacuum regulator breaks down, it becomes insensitive and vacuum changes become harmful.

There’s no way to tell whether Yosoo has a regulator in the first place. Whether the metering is present is unclear but you can estimate flow rate from a transparent claw. It’s not worth your pennies if you’re looking for a cost-effective and safe option.

 Highlights Feature

  • 12-Volt electric motor
  • 100-200V power system
  • Ultra-light milking cluster
  • Plastic teat cup shell
  • Stainless steel exhauster

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8. Welljun Plastic Goat Milking Machine

Welljun Plastic Goat Milking Machine
  • Goat Milking Machine Parts Silicone Milking Liners Goat Milking Unit. This brand new goat milking unit can be used for mobile trolley or milking parlour system
  • It is widely used in mobile trolley or milking parlour system.
  • Simple installation, easy use.
  • Food grade material, safe and durable.
  • Package Include:1 x Goat milking claw cup group

Welljun is the right choice for your budget. But it’s not just its cost-effectiveness that makes it attractive but also its modesty and practicality. While ordinary, Welljun can be deceptive. The milking machine is worth considering if you’re serious about getting the biggest bang for your money.

Low-tension silicone composes the teat cup liners. And that silicone is of food-grade quality and soft to give the massaging feel that simulates your hand.

Welljun hasn’t told us exactly how they achieve teat- and udder-friendly massage but what we know the pulsator does its job well. Thus, you’ll find the machine suitable for slow but gentle milking. If you care so much for the teat end of your does, then you deserve this tool.

Never expect the machine to be long-lasting, though, as plastic makes up the milking cluster units. On top of that, the equipment is ultra-light – at 0.9 kg. You can carry it around the parlor but stripping levels are high and you may not complete milking. But residual amounts are inconsequential since milk yield and composition remain the same.

With a barrel bore diameter of 20 mm, the milk let-down rate is slow and tension is low. The bore of the milk and pulse tubes measure 12 mm. While slow milk flow would cause discomfort in your dairy goats, a gentle massage compensates for that. The only downside is when the regulator breaks down and becomes insensitive.

 Highlights Feature

  • Soft, low-tension silicone
  • Ultra-light milking cluster
  • Food-grade silicone
  • Slow milk let-down
  • Portable cluster units
  • Plastic body

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9. TFCFL Milker Machine

TFCFL Milker Machine
  • Length: approx.66cm/26"
  • Widely used in mobile trolley or milking parlour system.
  • Easy to install, easy to use.
  • Food grade material, safe and long service life.
  • Ship from US warehouse.

TFCFL are trying to establish themselves in the milking machine market. Their unique value proposition lies in their break from the traditional models. Could they disrupt the market?

Well, perhaps they’re already doing so with this simple and ultra-light milking equipment. Therefore, your search for the best goat milking machineshould not always stop with famous brands.

And like the other new entrants, TFCFL patents their specifications. And so it’s not easy to figure out what makes their tools to stand out. That leaves no other option but product testing.

It’s no rocket science to figure out that the milker would break down after a couple of milkings. With a plastic body, it’s easy to see why. But that does not say TFCFL is a bogus product. No. Not at all. It’s just what you need for your budget. Also, while lightweight contributes to portability, it works against completing milking.

Stripping levels are high even though they don’t affect yield. The product’s simplicity can lure anyone – and any doe for that matter. Food-grade material makes up the teat cup liners to massage the teat end. The pulsation seems to be doing a great job to soothe even the most stubborn doe.

And so if you don’t want to screw up your milking session, perhaps you should give this equipment a try. Not to mention, you can monitor milk flow through the transparent system. But that does not say that the metering system is absent.

 Highlights Feature

  • Brand-new market entrant
  • Food-grade liner makeup
  • Soothing pulsation
  • Transparent milking cluster units
  • Plastic body

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10. SlavicBeauty Mini Milker

SlavicBeauty Mini Milker
  • MILKING SYSTEM Stainless Steel Mini Milking Machine for Goat Complete System 120V Model C 5.3 US Gal
  • SLAVIC BEAUTY MILKING SYSTEM +FREE EXTRAS (SEE PHOTO) Affordable price and excellent quality!
  • Simulates natural milking, comfortable for your goat. Just plug in and the motor does all the work!
  • Simultaneous milking of 2 goats. Up to 12 goats. Grade 304L Stainless Steel

Indeed, SlavicBeauty Mini Milker isn’t just aesthetic but tough. Food-grade stainless steel composes the milking bucket. The shell and claw aren’t as tough, though, as plastics make them up. You require a 120V source to switch on the whole system.

But the electric motor requires less power to rotate at ultra-high speeds: 1450 revolutions per minute. The air extraction capacity from the pipeline is large. The vacuum pump can expel up to 180 liters of air per minute. And so you can connect more than 20 units and the vacuum will extract air for each unit at the same capacity.

Silicone makes up the teat cup liners. There’s little doubt SlavicBeauty is the best choice if you look for a perfect simulation of your hands. Moreover, the silicone liner gives low tension in the barrel to allow slow but gentle milking. While this may accustom your dairy goat to the new routine, her udder health may suffer, though.

To avoid this, the manufacturer has added vents to the mouthpiece to trap air so the vacuum on top of the teat doesn’t rise. It doesn’t matter your doe has a rough teat end, milking with the beauty is a breeze.

In short, you can milk the smallest and most difficult teats – those which aren’t a snug fit to the barrel. Nevertheless, chances are the cluster units would slide and fall during milking because the weight is heavy.

 Highlights Feature

  • Ultra-high-speed rotary motors
  • High atmosphere extraction capacity
  • Low-tension silicone liner composition
  • 120V system power requirement
  • Food-grade stainless steel bucket
  • Plastic body

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Select Best Goat Milker Machine

You’ve probably read so many goat milking machine reviews, but they don’t seem to provide you with the information you’re looking for. Your search stops here because we’ve created this review just for you.

There’s no doubt you’ll encounter new brands and varieties that keep flooding the market every day. That’s inevitable.

However, you need to prepare to make the right decisions. Nothing good comes easy. But we’ve done all the donkey work for you. So, before you hit the store, keep in mind that the right tool for you doesn’t:

  • Slip and fall during milking
  • Damage teat ends
  • Leak
  • Make inconsistent stimulation of hand-milking
  • Have difficulty to clean
  • Discolor, swell, and leave rings around the top of the teat
  • Irritate your dairy goat during milking
  • Take long to milk
  • Leave milking incomplete

Let’s take a look at each point.

Slip and Fall During Milking

You have often come across cluster units falling off from the teat during milking. There are two reasons why this happens. First off, it could be the barrel diameter and depth of the mouthpiece don’t match with the teat of your herd. Second, it could be the cluster units are too heavy.

Air enters when liners slip, causing vacuum changes. Slipping can damage the teat end and injure the udder health – hence, cause hyperkeratosis and mastitis.

Damage Teat Ends

While small teats can be difficult to milk, they can be more so if their end is rough. Teats come into contact with liners. If a liner is hard because of the material makeup, it can damage the teat end especially if the tension is high.

Best Goat Milker

Teat cup liners stretch when you increase the shell length; hence, tension increases. Damage occurs when the stimulation of milk let-down speed is inconsistent.


The vacuum pipeline system must be airtight. There are no two ways about it. The vacuum inside the pipeline should be constant – or at least be within the working levels. However, pulsation can cause the vacuum level in the liner to change.

Thus, ensure the vacuum above is lower than below the teat. That is why you’ll encounter vents among triangular liners with deep mouthpieces.

Make Inconsistent Stimulation of Hand-milking

Dairy goats are habitual animals. If you change a routine, then you have to accustom them to a new one. But change can be a pain. Your animals can be refuse to adapt if you get don’t a simulation of your hand-milking right.

Have Difficulty to Clean

The best goat milker is easy to clean. Hygiene is necessary. If you expose fresh milk to hay, debris, dust, bacteria, hair or blood, it will spoil.

Discolor, Swell or Leave Rings Around the Top of the Teat

Poor-fitting liners and mouthpieces can upset your dairy goat. Be sure to use tools your manufacturer provides to estimate teat sizes.

Irritate Your Dairy Goat During Milking

Goats are shrewd animals. They can withhold milk if they are nervous. You can soft talk to calm them during milking. You can also reward them with their favorite feed.

Take Long to Milk

Full udders are as uncomfortable as slow milk flow rates. While opening the teat duct for long increases the milk flow rate, it can interfere with smooth blood circulation. Ensure the pulsation ratio doesn’t exceed the widest pulsation ratio: 7:3.

Leave Milking Incomplete

An udder is never empty after milking. Some milk remains in the sinus of the udder. You can machine-strip the residual milk but the yield would remain the same. When strip levels are high, milking will be incomplete. This is common when the milking cluster units are too light.

Frequently Asked Questions About Goat Milking

#1. How Do You Milk a Goat with a Machine?

  • First, tie the animal and feed her with grain or concentrate.
  • Make sure you remove dung before and when you milk so your milking machine doesn’t catch dirt. Stop cleaning the equipment if it catches dirt during milking.
  • Wear clean clothes and wash your hands with soap before you milk. Dry your hands. Clean and apply gentle massage to the teats with a special towel. Don’t use the same towel to clean udders of different goats to avoid cross-contamination. And don’t discharge the towel in the milking bucket. Instead, use a different bucket. Don’t forget to post-dip teats.
  • Foremilk your dairy goat. You should milk out a squirt or two into the strip cup first. Check milk appearance for abnormalities. If the milk is abnormal, dispose of it.
  • Check whether the hoses align and attach the cluster vacuum to the udder with caution. Check whether the vacuum attachment works properly. When you shut off the cluster, there should be no hissing sound. Before your milk, ensure the milking machine is near.
  • Attach the teat cups on the udder and switch on the vacuum. With a proper setting, the cups should latch onto the teats. Make sure your machine doesn’t cause discomfort to the animal. Brush, soft talk or scratch the animal to keep her calm. Use gentle tones to smile and speak. The udder size should decrease during machine milking.
  • Verify whether the udder is empty by palpating it. Then, with caution, detach the cluster vacuum when the quantity of milk passing through the hose decreases.
  • Hand-milk – or strip – the residual milk
  • Lower the teats into a clean cup containing a solution of disinfectant. Don’t use the same cup for different goats. Or, you can spray the teats with the disinfectant.
  • Feed your dairy goat with alfalfa or fresh hay to keep her from lying down after milking. Don’t forget to give her clean water.
  • Clean every piece of equipment in your barn or parlor. Be sure to cover your milking containers with a lid every time. Importantly, don’t store milk near the dung or places of feeding. The last thing you want is the milk to smell like dung or feed.
  • Keep your milking bucket away from pets and pests.

#2. How Long Does It Take to Milk a Goat with a Machine?

The length of time depends on the teat size and length. Larger and longer than smaller and shorter teats take a shorter time to milk out. And so the larger the teat, the larger the orifice; hence, more milk let-down and less time.

It also depends on the speed of the machine. And that speed depends on whether the machine milks out both teats at a time.

Scare, nervousness and sickness can make the doe to withhold the milk; hence, delay the let-down. The doe can also withhold the milk when she notices you’re impatient. She can also withhold milk if she’s uncomfortable. Ensure she’s as calm as possible.

#3. How Many Times a Day Do You Milk a Goat?

It depends on the lactation cycle and milk supply. A cycle can last as long depending on the breed, age, diet, and health of the doe. Wait for one week after kidding to milk out your doe. Milk twice every other day when you bottle-feed the kids.

Wait for 12 hours after when you milked in the morning to milk again. Check the udder between the milking sessions to make sure the cistern isn’t overflowing. And if you don’t have time to bottle-feed the kids, you can separate two-week-old kids from their moms every other night.

During weaning (two weeks after kidding) milk production is highest. Grains also boost milk production. A good diet should have a mixture of grain or leafy hay alfalfa and water and salt. You can get between half a gallon and three quarts a day if you milk twice every other day.

However, 9 months after delivery, there’s a slow decrease in milk production. When production reduces, milk out the doe once every other day for two weeks. Then, you can reduce the frequency to once every three days for one week. Afterward, stop milking.

#4. How Much Milk Do Goats Give?

It depends on the breed of goat you keep. Milk-producing breeds include Sable, Saanen, Guernsey, Nigerian Dwarf, La Mancha, Nubian, Oberhasli, Alpine, and Toggenburg. These breeds have different sizes. Larger breeds give more milk.

What’s awesome, dairy goats can withhold some milk for their suckling kids. And so if you keep squeezing the udder and you get nothing, think again. You can wait until weaning to capitalize on milk production.

During weaning, your dairy goat is more productive. She can produce more than a quart when you milk twice a day: in the morning and evening. Hence, you’ll get about half a gallon a day.

Afterward, there will be a slow decrease in milk production. During the third quarter of a year, after she gave birth, milk production will be half as much as the peak quantity during the weaning season. This low production will continue for more than a year. If you milk a pregnant doe, milk would run out two months before she delivers.

#5. Can I Milk My Goat Once a Day?

Absolutely. Milking once every morning gives your doe enough time to nurse her kids during the day. When the kids turn two weeks old, just make sure you separate them from their mum every other night. The last thing you want is to have the kids suckle everything and you have an empty udder by morning.

But then again, you need to keep the udder even during nursing. A doe can be uncomfortable if her udder is uneven. Only kids are selective. They will always suckle at the teat of their choice.

You need to hand-milk the other teat to make the udder even. Only kids whom you separate from their moms can feel lonely. It’d be wise to separate only kid once it’s two weeks old.

Final Verdict

Now that you’ve read the review up to this point means you’re serious about choosing the best goat milking machine for your needs and budget. When you switch from hand-milking to machine-milking, don’t think your dairy goats won’t notice the difference.

Goats are habitual and more intelligent than you think. If they are unhappy, uncomfortable or nervous, they will ‘hold back’ the milk. Thus, you can accustom them to the new routine so that they are willing to give the milk.

Make sure the new transition is smooth. And choosing the right machine that fits the teat size is the first major step.


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