Aquabot X4 Reviews

Undoubtedly, you are here looking for reviews on Aquabot X4. You want to identify its advantages, limitations, and features. With that, you are in the exact place.

Aquabot X4 is an automatic robotic pool cleaner for both the aboveground and inground swimming pools. A unique pool cleaner for cleansing small stuff, go scrapping and circulating. It can also filter larger debris and leaves.

With its unique loaded features, Aquabot X4 is worth its price range. It has a four-wheel drive to help it move around the water swiftly. With its loaded features, it is worth its price range. Aquabot X4 comes with a convenient caddy to help you move it to your appropriate location.

But most of all, be careful when pulling it out. It is hugely heavier than any other automatic robotic cleanser.

Aquabot X4 Reviews
  • Awarded "Best Value Robot" based on rich feature set combined with the low price - 360° Anti-Tangle Swivel + Oversized 190 Cubic Inch Top-Loading Cartrdge + Free Transport Caddy + 3 Year Warranty
  • Ideal for all pool shapes (above ground and inground) up to 60 feet. Highly energy efficient - each cleaning costs about 5.
  • Industry-leading pumps circulate 85 GPM for a cleaner pool with fewer chemicals.
  • AutoX Pool Mapping calculates the pool shape and the best cleaning cycle for speed and efficiency
  • 4WD traction and micro-brushes ensure total cleaning coverage even on walls


  • A manageable caddy that eases transportation over distant areas
  • Cleans water lines and walls
  • Twirl feature to help to tangle of cables.
  • An affordable pool cleaner
  • Provides quality cleaning of your pool
  • Does exceptional pool cleaning at the touch of a button
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Excellent and quality built
  • Minimal use of pool chemicals thus conserving the environment


  • It is heavy


  • A robotic pool cleaner
  • Specified for both inground and above ground swimming pools
  • An X4 model
  • Weighs approximately 35.3 Ibs with a dimension of 20.1×5×18.1

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Specific Features

1. Nifty for inground and above ground pools

Pool cleaners are usually made specifically for either inground or above ground swimming pools. As for Aquabot X4, it is designed to handle both the inground and aboveground swimming pools. Pool owners who have a hard time finding the precise pool cleaner for their swimming pools. Aquabot X4 is the factual choice to adopt.

2. Has a Pool AutoX Mapping System

Aquabot X4 is designed for any type and size of swimming pool. It has an AutoX mapping system that helps it to navigate all kinds of swimming pools easily. The mapping system is also necessary as your pool cleanser uses it to identify your swimming pool dimensions.

This helps it to select the accurate cleaning cycle. The AutoX mapping system also ensures that the pool cleaner does not get stuck in the pool’s middle.

3. Heavy-duty rotating micro-brushes

The pool cleaner comes with sturdy rotating micro brushes to ensure that every corner of your swimming pool is effectively scrubbed. Your bot provides every inch of the pool is clean from the waterlines top the walls.

4. Two classic filter baskets of capacity 190-inches

Sounding even better, the Aquabot X4 comes with two ordinary filter baskets. This implies that with its dual filtration system. It can be everything from dirt, leaves, sand particles, and pebbles. This leaves your swimming pool cleaner than before.

It is easy to clean the filter baskets as they can easily be accessible from the top. Not forgetting the filters are immense. You will not have to worry about the garbage size your filter will collect.

5. Four-wheel drive

Aquabot X4 comes with a four-wheel-drive system. To enable 100% coverage and higher movability of the bot to climb the wall and slither around swiftly.

The pool cleaner can work on any surface. It can work at a 90 degrees wall to floor transition without any difficulty.

6. Durable 60 feet variable cable

Aquabot X4 has lengthy cables that help it move freely on larger swimming pools. The wires have a 360-degree swivel feature to help it not to be entangled. With this, pool owners have ensured 100 percent cleanliness without supervision.

7. Manageable panels

The pool cleaner has controllable panels. To modify and produce an appropriate cleaning schedule. You can choose to use your bot every 24, 48, or 72 hours between every time cycle.

8. Powerful pump with 70 gallons mixing power

Aquabot X4 has a high pumping power per minute. With its pumping power, do not be surprised that the bot consumes little energy. Compared to any other automatic robotic cleaner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How does Aquabot X4 work on tiles?

As earlier states above, Aquabot is an adequate pool cleaner that handles all types of swimming pool and floor. The pool cleaner comes with a special kit that will be of help if your floor is tiled.

#2. How much warranty comes with Aquabot X4?

Amazingly, the bot comes with a warranty of two years and three years, to be precise.

#3. Aquabot comes with how many power cords?

Aquabot X4 comes packed with a floatable cable 60-feet long.

‘’Users reviews’’ on Aquabot X4

Going through customers’ online feedbacks on pool cleaners can be disheartening. Following those reviews ultimately will lead you to a mixture of decisions. You will not be certain which is the correct pool cleanser to handle your inground or above the ground swimming pool. It will be hard also to recognize the accurate price for your intended bot. Most will quote the cost of the cleaners higher than what you discern.

The reviews can be of significant help to you, and at the same time, they may disappoint. When it comes to reviews on Aquabot X4, a more substantial percentage of users are happy working with it. It is ranked high for its exceptional all-round presentation. They praise its effective cleaning and consistency.

The swimming pool cleanser is also praised for being straightforward to use by new swimming pool owners. It requires little attention and maintenance, thus being favorable pool equipment to many.

You will not find the positivity of equipment without its negativities. In this, the complaints are for any other swimming pool cleaner. It has been noted as having difficulties in cleaning the corners of the pool. It also has another disadvantage of not handling all kinds of debris in the pool.

There are more positive reviews on Aquabot X4 than negative thoughts. It is a good impression that it is a dependable cleanser to pool owners.

Final words

Aquabot X4 is the best pool cleaner to invest in if you have a larger pool. The bot is of high quality and has an outstanding performance. Its power supply is adequate and comes in handy with a caddy to help you move it to your appropriate location. It is the best automatic robotic pool cleaner.



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