"We need to create an alternative to using and discarding resources, of turning our backs on people. It has to be on a scale that can't be dismissed, and that showcases the pleasure and beauty of living life sustainably." -- Ken Dunn, founder of Resource Center

The Resource Center, a not-for-profit environmental education organization that strives to improve the quality of life in Chicago by finding new life and uses for underused and overlooked resources. For over 35 years the Resource Center has demonstrated innovative techniques for recycling and reusing materials.
Too often in the urban setting, abundant and important resources are wasted. In its recovery work, the Resource Center aims to reverse waste and to improve the quality of life for our communities. The Resource Center has been devoted from its beginning to the economic and educational revitalization of city neighborhoods through recycling, urban farming, composting, and other programs that reclaim and reuse resources.

The Resource Center is interested in social enterprise, that is programs that are revenue generating and mission-driven. While the Resource Center strives to be economically self-sustaining it relies on donations and exciting Fund Raising Events for the remaining amount.

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PBS: The Good Stuff interviews Ken Dunn on the future of food and the amount of available land needed to feed our population. Learn how the Resource Center turns vacant city lots into viable farmland. This is how an urban setting can be an asset to communities by bring fresh food to food deserts and employment to the same communities.

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