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For 40 years, the Resource Center, a non-profit environmental education organization, through its recycling and urban agriculture programs, focuses on improving sustainability and quality of life through creative reuse of neglected resources..

Too often in the urban setting, abundant and important resources are wasted. In our recovery work we aim to reverse waste and to improve the quality of life for urban dwellers. We have been devoted from the beginning to the economic and educational revitalization of city neighborhoods through recycling, urban gardening, composting, and other programs that reclaim and reuse resources.
The Resource Center Chicago Fundraising Event
Featuring Chef Rick Bayless!

VIP event: Cooking Demonstration by Chef Bayless with food/taste samples. Main event: 10 food station by local area restaurants including one by Chef Bayless, most likely Frontera Grill. Other restaurants include Arbor, FIG, and Vie. Greenhouse Loft is donating the space and their restaurant, Arbor FIG, is donating event management and their catering services. Chef Virant is coordinating the 10 food station and the menu among them, one of his restaurants is Vie. He is also locating the additional six restaurants.
Donations for the event are:
$200 for VIP Event held between 5:00 - 6:00 pm with a $25.00 discount for early RSVP.
Main event donation $150.00 with $25.00 discount for early RSVP, is from 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Early RSVP is October 31 or earlier. The event is scheduled for November 20th.
There will music, drinks, and raffle/auctions!
Ken Dunn Featured in Chicago Magazine
Somebody Give This Guy a Genius Grant

Resource Center Launches Food to Farm Composting Service!

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our food scrap composting operations. Learn more on our blog.

Creative Reuse Warehouse at ReBuilding Exchange

Have you seen the newest iteration of Creative Reuse Warehouse, located on the north side of Chicago at Webster & Ashland? Details here.

Thanks to our friends in Lincoln Park & Lake View

For nearly three decades we served the Lincoln Park and Lake View neighborhoods with our Wrightwood Recycling Center. The center was closed in late 2011.

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Give the Gift that Grows All Year Long

The kale, chard, mache, and spinach all tucked in and ready for winter. But our recycling collection crews and perishable food recovery programs are still chugging along. We operate year round providing valuable services to Chicago residents and the community at large. A gift to the Resource Center is a gift to the community. A gift to the Resource Center supports all of resource recovery programs including public recycling drop-off sites and perishable food recovery.


Getting Social.

The Resource Center's focus is on the ground with our many projects. But we also attend to our growing online social following. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter. Meet us in the blogosphere, Urban Life / Cycles is an online forum for sharing knowledge and ideas for living more sustainably and managing resources. Guest bloggers are invited to join the conversation.

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